Organizational Chart Templates

Org Chart Template: Essential Ones for Your Work

An org chart illustrates details of an employee within a company. Such relations covering team leaders to team members, directors to managers, chief executive officer to directors from different departments and so on. Normally, an org chart template has three most common frameworks:

  • Hierarchical: It is a type of org chart template where every divisions and element are subordinated to the top entity.
  • Matrix: It is a kind of org chart template with more than one reporting line, and usually in the form of several cross lines.
  • Flat: It is also known as the horizontal type of org chart template. Such types usually with very limited levels of management positions.

There is no single rule for making org charts, all you need to consider first is your specific organizational structure and duty for each role. It is totally up to you to decide where to insert the principal office, department leader or some other elements. Feel free to find more org chart templates below:

Hierarchical Org Chart Template

This one is a typical hierarchical org chart structure. The top position could be a department leader or CEO with the following downside roles acting as sub-workers.

Org Chart Template for business

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Org Chart with Pictures: Why Do You Need Them

An organizational chart shows the dominant and significant divisions of an organization. It is widely used in business industry and public service sector. In reality, some firms choose to omit using an org chart with pictures. This could lead to low productivity since an org chart with pictures can show much more than just highlighting the hierarchical relations of employees.

org chart with pictures for marketing division

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IT Org Chart Templates: Essential Parts to Check

IT Org Chart: What It Is About

If you are the owner of an information technology company, you may wonder how to quickly create an overall organizational structure for your team. Such org chart is quite useful to divide tasks, specify the job of individual department and assign project leaders. Effective IT org chart will significantly increase work productivity. Normally you need some important tricks to create your own IT org chart, and here you can see details about how to achieve this.

Basically, an typical IT org chart can be segmented into the following divisions: administration level; network team; information security team and operations support team.

IT Org Chart Template

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Horizontal Org Chart Templates

The horizontal org chart is a type of org chart that is set horizontally which is opposite of vertical org chart. The horizontal org chart has just the same function as other org charts do except the approach of the layout. Of course, you can turn a horizontal org chart into a vertical easily by changing the layout. When we make an org chart with fewer levels, it does not matter whether it is horizontal or vertical. Whoever if the org chart has many layers, it’s better to make it horizontal than vertical for high readability as well as good-looking appearance. Besides, there are more types of org chart like matrix org chart and functional org chart.

Here we present several horizontal org chart templates:

Horizontal Org Chart Templates

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5 Functional Org Chart Templates

The functional org chart is a traditional type of org chart many companies adopt. Under this organizational structure, workers are divided into several departments based on expertise and function each person can perform.

Workers are required to get involved in duties within their departments and they have to report to their functional managers only. The functional org chart does not have a project manager role, which differentiates from matrix org chart where employees need to obey orders from both functional managers and project managers if employees are working on some projects. The figures below are some common functional org chart templates.

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Restaurant Organizational Chart Example and Their Job Description

To have a better understanding of how a restaurant works, we make a restaurant organizational chart template for your reference. As shown in the picture, both bookkeeper and general manager report to the owner.

org chart sample

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Human Resources Department Organizational Chart Example

Human Resource department plays an important role in a company. This section ensures enough qualified people to be admitted to the company and can also perform well. To some extent, the HR department exerts a tremendous influence on the profits and prosperity of the whole company. Here is a professional and well-designed human resources department organizational chart example.

HR Org Chart

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Film Production Organogram Chart Sample: Ready-to-Use for You

This image is a sample of film production organogram chart from which you can clearly know the construction of a film crew and have a general understanding of how the film is produced step by step. This chart is created in Org Chart Creator, a professional tool for drawing an org chart template. Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

It’s pretty easy to use this tool. For more manipulation, go to Customize Organogram Chart Easily.

Film Production Organogram Chart

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Photo Org Chart Templates: Stunning Ones You Should Have

Here is some org chart with pictures templates for your reference. These templates are well designed, perfectly aligned, spaced and colored. See the following screenshots.

photo org charts

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Matrix Org Chart Example

Many project-based companies need to apply the matrix organizational structure as they need the responsive and effective participation of people from different functional units to finish a project.

Here presents a matrix org chart example for an electronic products company.

matrix org chart template

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