Organizational Chart Tips

How to Choose the Best Org Chart Creator

You need to think about many factors except for price when choosing the best org chart creator. The cheap and powerful org chart will be the desired option. As for the usability, an effective org chart creator should include the following capabilities.

  1. Data Import Function

Usually, many companies have already saved an Excel file of the employees’ information. A good org chart creator must offer data import function. Through this function, users can turn the Excel file into a visual org chart instantly. Thus saves both time and effort.

  1. Professional Org Charting Tools

By specialized, it means that these tools are professionally designed and can ease the process of org charting. It will be awesome if the org chart creator can generate, connect, align and space shapes automatically. Our org chart creator is such a tool that is popular all over the world, saving users tons of time moving adjusting and reconnecting shapes.

Professional Org Chat Tools

  1. Layout Capacity

Different kinds of org chart need to be laid out differently for the best appearance. Choose the software that offers advanced lay out capacity so that you can lay out the chart in an easy way. If nit suitable, you can always change the style quickly through the point-and-click editor.

Add Colleagues Add Subordinate in Org Chart

  1. Auto Relayout Feature

The org chart often requires update for the high staff turnover especially in large companies. The auto relayout feature allows modification any time. After deleting or adding some shapes, 1 click on the Relayout command will rearrange everything perfectly.

orgchart relayout

  1. Text and Format Tools

Two more factors to weigh when selecting or chart creator are text and format tools. Adding visual elements such as design and color themes, picture inserting and graphics style options are worthy of consideration. Our org chart shapes are all designed with text boxes which are adjustable. Its advanced formatting tools allow perfect layout with only 1 click. If you still want to be able to easily add backgrounds or color gradients, rely on us. Being able to easily customize the look of your org chart is definitely of great importance.


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business photo orgchart
Benefits of Org Chart

Benefits of Org Chart – Organize. Visualize. Strategize.

Org charts can benefit business a lot; therefore they become very popular with enterprises. Here are the top reasons why people use org chart.

  • Organize the structure for more reasonable departmentation.
  • Visualize the workforce to make it understandable at a glance.
  • Strategize the company’s development through pre-planned task assignments.
  • Show the promotion channels to lift employees’ spirit and motivation.
  • Demonstrate all staff clearly for easier human resources management.
  • Illustrate the relationship and hierarchy clearly for better acknowledgement of responsibilities and rights.
  • Present the visual job assignment so that no talent will be neglected and no unqualified employee is appointed.
  • Suitable workload can be arranged assisted by org chart to avoid work overload.
  • Better employee performance can be obtained with org chart showcasing report to relationship and partner relationship.
  • Seamless collaboration within a department or between different divisions can be gained as org chart depicts the all areas’ functions.

Org Chart Templates

Hotel Organizational Chart  Custom Orgchart business photo orgchart

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Org Chart Layout

Lay out org chart properly for better visual effect which will make it more understandable. Here are a few layout techniques that help you make a better organizational chart.
Align and Distribute Shapes Evenly
Being organized is the basic feature of a professional-looking organizational chart. Align all shapes to make it look neat. You can do it easily in our org chart creator. It offers advanced tools to help you make org charts that are perfectly aligned and spaced at 1 click.
Distinguish Levels/Department in Different Colors
Color can add charm to your charts. For high readability, it is necessary to differentiate hierarchies  or departments with various colors. In this way, readers can learn the structure in an instant. Use the color bar or palette to do it.

Use different colors in org charts
Use Vertical Layout in Complex Structure
When it comes to a large company, there are usually many departments and employees. The org chart will extend very wide so it is hard to place the whole chart in one A4 paper. To solve this problem, lay out the chart in vertical direction. See the difference below.

horizontal arrangement of org chart

Apply Auto Relayout after Modifications
During the charting process, alteration is unavoidable. And it is necessary to modify the org chart from time to time and update it. So you may have spent tons of time in relocate the shapes gain and again. From now on, you don’t need to worry this anymore. Our org chart tool help you do it automatically rearrange everything perfectly. You just need to simply click the mouse once.
orgchart relayout

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