How to Make an Org Chart in Word Easily

How to Make an Org Chart in Word Easily

Making an organizational chart manually in word is a cumbersome job. To avoid costing too much time, you can do it in another way: creating an org chart in Org Chart Creator, and export to Word document with a single click. The exported word file is available for further editing.

make org chart in word

Why this method is more fast and effective?

1. Org Chart Creator is a professional organizational chart program coming with extensive templates and various card shapes for diversified org chart design. This feature-rich software contains abundant user-friendly tools such as quick buttons for adding and connecting shapes, re-layout, defining field, data import, data export, etc., which will let you create high quality org chart with the least time and effort.
2. Through one button click you can export this ready-made org chart into word document, like inserting a picture in word but with vector format, which is still available to be edited.
3. Creating in word directly you will have more steps to do and will spend more time to learn.
4. There are limited styles and themes in word.

Basic Steps to Make an Org Chart in Word

1. Start a new drawing page.
2. Drag shapes from the library and drop onto the canvas.
3. Click quick buttons on the shape to add more colleagues and subordinates.
4. Annotate the chart and apply a theme.
5. Click “Export and Send” button to save the file as Word format.

buttons make org chart in word

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