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What’s the Best Org Chart of a Successful Startup ?

In general, most of startups have adopted flat organizational structure in the early years which turns out to be a good result. They expand three to four times faster than their competitors with complex layers of management.  But when the young company grows to matured organization, the org chart still keeps the same. The owner of the company fails to update the org chart because he mistakenly considers the management system as an inhibitor to creativity and flexibility. This wrong decision finally pulls the rapid growing to a stop and ends the prosperity of the entire company. So what’s the right org chart starup should adopt to keep the success sustainable? It will be illustrated based on two stages that a company stays. In each stage, the company needs different org chart.


Org Chart with Informal Structure

Org chart with informal structure will be the best option the firm can have till the number of employee is less than 50.  During that time, usually the funder or the CEO can handle multiple tasks and oversee every aspects of the operation and demand all the subordinates report to him so as to pursue great efficiency. Using a flatter organization allows staff to make decisions based on their expertise, experience, and the strength of their ideas, not their hierarchical position.
Hence great flexibility is needed at this stage. So the org chart should be like:

org chart with informal structure


Org Chart with Formal Structure 

The org chart with formal structure should be taken when startup has grown to be a firm more than 50 people.  The increasing in personnel indicates the expansion of business range. The founders or the CEO cannot handle all the work activities and manage all the staff due to the limitation of specialization and energy. They have to be devoted to company’s strategy and development.  Naturally, formal structure would be more suitable for the long-term development and flourishment. More layers of management are required and the layout of the entire company can be more complex.

However this management style might lead to creation of bureaucratic procedures that deter coordination and collaboration.  In avoidance of this bad hierarchical rank, you should describe individual authority, roles, and responsibilities clearly and let this layer of management less than 4.

The org chart with formal structure:

org chart with formal structure

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Clothing Compay Org Chart Example

Here is a medium sized clothing company org chart example. It’s composed of five main divisions, they are Administration Center, R&D Center, Production Center, Financial Center, and Quality Control Center. All the five divisions are supervised under the general manager. You can view the chart here:

Clothing Company Org Chart

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Trading Company Org Chart – Introduction and Example

A trading company buy products in one place and sell them to other places which has its own distribution network. Here is a typical trading company structure:

Trading Company Org Chart

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Company Orgnizational Chart – Introduction and Examples

Why Need Company Org Charts?

Every company needs an organizational chart to visually show its internal structure – the company divisions, employee job titles and reporting relationships. With an organizational chart, employees can better understand their roles and responsibilities. It’s a visual guide telling staff and stakeholders who they report to and who they get information from.

Things Need to be Consider When Building Company Org Charts

There are many factors a company need to consider when building the organizational structure, including the company size, business model, programmatic work processes, company values, etc. Before creating a company organizational structure, the following things needs to be clear in mind:

    1. Have a clear execution strategy – to determine how to run your business.
    2. Clarify the purpose and accountabilities of each organizational function.
    3. Place each major and minor function in its correct location.

Create a Company Organizational Chart by Importing Data File

With easy org chart creator, you can automatically create a company organizational chart by importing employee data. First you type all the employ data in a excel file (there is a certain format to follow in the guide), and then choose a template from the software and click Import button to load you file. An organizational chart with a perfect layout will be generated automatically. Of course you can always customize the org chart by changing its color, card shape and layout style.

Company Org Chart Import Data File

Company Organizational Chart Examples

1. Digital Product Manufacturing Company Organizational Chart

Company Org Chart Example

2. Small Company Organizational Chart

Small Company Organizational Chart

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