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4 Tips for Creating Functional Org Charts

Functional org chart is a popular organizational diagram usually implemented by small business companies. In this structure, organization can be grouped into separated departments by areas of specialty or function. Those departments are vertical and disconnected from each other. One functional manager is going to regulate and control one department and all functional managers are supposed to report to one top boss namely the company president or CEO. Like other org charts, functional org charts have advantages and disadvantages. To make perfect the functional org chart, here we present you four tips for creating functional org chart.

functional org chart

1. Limit the Number of Layers to Three

Functional org chart would be quite a good choice for small companies but it might cause trouble in management and generate bureaucratism ending with severe damages in company’s advancement and profits earning as it expanses to a very large one. So it is necessary to make your functional org chart within 3 layers.


2. Encourage Communications Across Departments

There is a lack of communication across departments due to the fact that employees cluster together with those who are in the same departments and have few opportunities to mingle with colleges from other departments. Besides, cross-department communication is also hindered by the increasing competitive sense among departments. With regards to long-term development of company, people need to be encouraged to communicate across departments.


3. Develop Perspective of Overall Situation

Department may ignore the big picture of the whole company with too much focus on their own group goals rather than the entire company subjectives. For instance, there may be a desire by product department to update and optimize the last product but the overall company plan is to invest in new products instead. Since employees is lacking perspective of overall situation, they may lay important emphasis on goals that they believe are significant but which are not priorities for the entire company.


4. Motivate Employees

Usually, in functional org chat, workers have fixed tasks and routine work and they may get bored and upset by monotonousness and repeatability hence it’s better to motivate employees so as to keep them energetic to achieve high degree of performance.


The org chart in this article is made with Org Chart Creator, a perfect alternative to Visio. You can view more nice templates or download software.

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How to Create a Hotel Org Chart

Hotel Organizational Chart

Definition & Function

There is at least one hotel can be found in almost every city in any developed country. Some of them may be composed of large chains, franchises or privately-owned facilities.

It’s reported that two-thirds of world market are occupied by service-related industry. In order to carry out its mission, and ensure the smooth operation, every hotel company shall build a formal structure to achieve supervision and the management of employees. We call this very structure org chart. It can indicate the reporting relationships clearly and help to facilitate the working efficiency. The figure above is a good example of hotel org chart.


How to Create It with Org Chart Creator

I use Org Chart Creator to finish this nice hotel org chart. Org Chart Creator is a professional and well-designed software made for drawing org chart. It can make the drawing process quite simple.

There are two ways to create it. One is to get started with templates. The other is to make it all by yourself. The former way is easy and convenient. Since dozens of wonderful templates are embraced in this software, all you have to do is to choose the most suitable one and then shape it as required. Just a single click, you can change the theme, replace the background with your ideal picture, and rearrange elements. With simple operation such as dragging and dropping, you can adjust size and distribution of shapes or boxes.

With regards to the latter, it would be a little more complex. Firstly of all, you have to select Libraries, toolkits needed to create org chart. Then you have to drag boxes, shapes, or arrows from the Libraries. Type words to the boxes. You can polish your boxes in color, style, shadow and filling.

For more detailed manipulation, check ORG CHART CREATOR 

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How to Create US Government Org Chart

US government org chart

The federal government is divided into three branches by the Constitution of the United States to form a central government where no individual or group can get too much power:

  1. Legislative –Responsible for law’s enactment.
  2. Executive – Carries out laws.
  3. Judicial – Evaluates laws.

Each branch can change acts of the other branches as follows:

  • The president can veto laws passed by Congress.
  • Congress can confirm or reject the president’s appointments and even can fire the president in exceptional circumstances.
  • The Justices of the Supreme Court can overturn unconstitutional laws but they are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

This article is aimed to show how to make the US government org chart. In this example, we use Org Chart Creator, a professional software for org charting drawing. This interface of this software is as similar as that of Microsoft Office. So don’t worry about the manipulation. You can handle it easily as long as you can use office software. To make this org chart you need to:

  1. Open relevant libraries.

Org Chart Creator provides you with plenty of shapes needed to make a variety of org chart. Click the triangle icon beneath Libraries to open as much shapes as you like.

org chart libraries

  1. Add boxes or charts to your drawing page.

Drag shapes from libraries on the left toolbar, and then drop them onto the canvas. And add text to the chart.

  1. Layout of org chart.

As for the layout of org chart, you can drag elements by hand or arrange them automatically by clicking Auto-layout.

  1. Export it to other formats.

org chart exported

As shown in the picture above, you are alowed to export drawing to many other formats like JPG, PDF, PS, EPS, Office, Html, SVG and Visio. What’s more, Org Chart Creator is cloud-collaborative and you can save your drawing as Personal Cloud or Team Cloud.

Beside, Org Chart Creator can help you make other types of org chart such as Apple’s org chart, hotel org chart and hospital org chart.








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How to Create Apple’s Org Chart in 2013


Apple's Org Chart

Something happens in Apple. A new VP has been appointed to reports directly to Tim Cook. It is reported that Paul Deneve has responsibility for some important special projects and is to report directly to Tim Cook, too. Since the previous manager has a background in luxury brand company, it is under discussion that which will be the next new project Apple will work on to match with this new manager’s background and talent.

As we all know, Apple’s org chart is one of the most protected secrets. Even its own employees know nothing about how this company is organized. So this org chart is speculated and summarized from internet. I made this org chart with Org Chart Creator, a professional software for drawing org chart. I will show you how to draw it step by step.

1. Start Org Chart Creator.

2. Create a new blank drawing page.

create new blank drawing page

3. Open Libraries.

open Libraries

Then many circular charting shapes turn up on the left toolbar for you to choose.

I choose Circle 6 to make this org chart. Drag it and drop onto your canvas.


4. Add more segments.

We  get only five segments in the shape, but we need fourteen. So click the button and set segment number.

set segment number


Replace default text with your words. Adjust the size of this drawing by dragging.

5. Change themes of your org chart.

change themes of org chart


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How to Create a School Org Chart Easily?

A good school org chart can make a school perform well and yield good results. As you can see in the picture, principle has the top authority and superintendent is in charge of school daily operation.  Superintendent is expected to report to principle and follow  his orders.  Then Deputy Superintendent, Academic Dean, Administrative Dean, and Information Technology Director are responsible for specific aspects of school respectively. The following part is a guide to make a shcool org chart with Org Chart Creator, a wonderful software for org chart drawing.

school org chart1. Start Org Chart Creator

2. Create a new Bland Drawing Page

3. Open Organizational Chart Shapes

org chart

4. Drag Position Shape onto Your Drawing Page

org chart

5. Add More Boxes

org chart org chart






6. Hide Title and Department

org chart


org chart













7. Text Message to the Boxes

8. Polish Your Boxes

org chart

org chart















9. Layout of Org Chart

org chart




10. Change Themes

org chart

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How to Create a Matrix Org Chart with Org Chart Creator

Matrix org chart is a type of diagram in which people are divided into levels by administrative power meanwhile workers can also be grouped by projects. Several people get involved in a project, forming project team. And the whole company may consist of tens of project teams. There is no superiority or coordination between any two project team. Every team project is equal and independent.

The figure below is a good example of matrix org chart. Next, I will show you how to make a matrix org chart with Org Chart Creator, which is professional software for creating org chart just as its name tells.

matrix org chart 1. Download our software.

2. Add shapes onto your drawing page.

org chart

Open Libraries, click Organizational Chart, and select Organizational Chart Shapes and Custom Organizational Chart. You can see many well-designed shapes on the left toolbar.

org chart

Drag shapes you want and drop them on the canvas. Then you can add text and polish the shapes as you like.

In Home tab, apply style to your shapes of the matrix org chart.

org chart

Add effects to your shapes such as shadow and filling.

org chart

3. Connect these shapes.

In Home tab, in Basic Tools, select Connector. Use your mouse to link boxes together.

org chart

org chart

4. Apply theme to your matrix org chart.

Click Page Layout, you will see many themes. Click it one by one to preview effects and choose the best one to apply to your chart.

org chart themes

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How to Create an Organizational Chart of Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The figure below is an organizational chart for Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It illustrates the layout of Olympic Games organization and how the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is hosted smoothly. It’s drawn in Org Chart Creator, a fantastic org chart maker tool.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games organizational chart

The following parts will show you how to make it in Org Chart Creator.

 Select a Template

organizational chart templates

In the templates, select organizational chart. Then we choose City Org Chart as a quick start, also you can choose other examples. Lick the example you want to add it into your drawing page.

View More Templates


Edit the Template to Your Liking

  1. Delete unwanted boxes. Left-click the box, and press Delete on your keyboard.
  2. Add Boxes.

organizational chart

Right-click the box which you want to add a box to, then you can click Add Subordinates or Add Assistant. You can also place your mouse pointer on the box which you want to edit, and then here comes the two small icons. You can click the one on the bottom to add subordinate and the one on the right to add a colleague.

organizational chart

  1. Replace content in the boxes with your text. It is quite easy. Double-click the box and type your information.
  2. Polish your boxes.

organizational chart

Click the exact box you want to polish, and toolbar emerges on the left. You can alter the box with effects of shadow, lines and filling.

  1. Layout of your chart.

organizational chart

You can click box on the top and then click Relayout or click the left icon circled in the screenshot in the toolbar to distribute your organizational chart automatically. Also you can customize the distribution of your organizational chart by dragging specific boxes.

  1. Applying a theme to organizational chart.

organizational chart

Click Page Layout, and you will see many themes. Left-click one of them to apply it to your organizational chart.

Can you make an organizational chart with Org Chart Creator?

Have a try.

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How to Make an Org Chart in Word Easily

Making an organizational chart manually in word is a cumbersome job. To avoid costing too much time, you can do it in another way: creating an org chart in Org Chart Creator, and export to Word document with a single click. The exported word file is available for further editing.

make org chart in word

Why this method is more fast and effective?

1. Org Chart Creator is a professional organizational chart program coming with extensive templates and various card shapes for diversified org chart design. This feature-rich software contains abundant user-friendly tools such as quick buttons for adding and connecting shapes, re-layout, defining field, data import, data export, etc., which will let you create high quality org chart with the least time and effort.
2. Through one button click you can export this ready-made org chart into word document, like inserting a picture in word but with vector format, which is still available to be edited.
3. Creating in word directly you will have more steps to do and will spend more time to learn.
4. There are limited styles and themes in word.

Basic Steps to Make an Org Chart in Word

1. Start a new drawing page.
2. Drag shapes from the library and drop onto the canvas.
3. Click quick buttons on the shape to add more colleagues and subordinates.
4. Annotate the chart and apply a theme.
5. Click “Export and Send” button to save the file as Word format.

buttons make org chart in word

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Create Org Chart with Photos Easily

Create an org chart with photos for your organization easily and quickly with a powerful org chart creator. Just start from readymade templates so that you can save precious time.

Presenting your employees an org chart that includes photos of all members is a great way to reduce the tendency towards isolationism. This article firstly shows you how to achieve an amazing org chart with pictures from scratch. Then, you can learn how to take advantage of our well-formatted org chart templates.

1. The first step is to collect and organize all employees’ photos.

  • Note that it is advisable to use only businesslike and professional pjotoes.
  • Name the photos with the last name of the employee.

2. The second step is to structure the frame of your org chart.

  • Open the org chart creator and choose organizational chart type. Double click the icon of photo org chart to open related shapes libraries.
  • Drag the first shape onto the canvas. Click floating buttons to add subordinates. Except for the first shape, other shapes have 2 floating buttons. The right one is for adding colleagues and the bottom one subordinates.
  • Double click the shapes to enter contents, mainly including names, titles and department.

Add Subordinate in Org Chart Add Colleagues

3. The third step is to replace the default pictures with photos.

  • Move the cursor towards the shapes. Click Replace Photo on the upper right menu.
  • Browse your computer to locate the needed photo. Hit on the photo and then click “Open.”
  • insert photo in org chart

4. The forth step is adjust the photo. All inserted photos are automatically adjusted to fit the shapes.

Each photo added have a number of blue handles surrounding it, usually one at each corner and one in the center of each side.

  • After a shape is selected, click on the photo to show the handles.
  • Place your pointer over a corner until a double-arrow appears. Click the arrow and drag it towards the inside of the photo until it reaches the size you require.
  • Continue this process until you have all photos completed.
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Create Org Charts in PowerPoint Format with a Tool Better than Smartart

You can rely on a much better tool than PowerPoint Smartart to create org charts. Right here, you can learn how to make both simple and complex org chart in PowerPoint format step by step. Our org chart creator is easy and effective, supports to add, align, and rearrange shapes automatically.

1. Click File Tab. Choose Org Chart type.

2. Double click the icon of Org Chart to open the stencil.

3. Drag and drop a shape to the canvas.

4. Click the floating button on the bottom of the shape to add subordinate.


5. Except for the first shape on the highest level, other shapes all have 2 floating buttons. Click the button on right side of the box to add colleagues.


Note: the newly added shapes are automatically connected and aligned with the previous ones.

6. Using text box. Click anywhere inside the shape you want to add text to. The blinking text line appears and just start typing. Do that for every box.

7. Changing the Colors of the whole chart. Go to Page Layout tab. Choose another Theme.

8.  Changing  Shape Fill.  Go to the Styles section located beneath the Home tab. Select one style you like. Click the drop-down menu for more style options.

9. Click the Export Button on the Quick Access Toolbar. Scroll down to choose MS PowerPoint File to export the chart.

Export Org Chart to PowerPoint

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