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Creative Org Chart Examples

Various org chart examples coming in creative styles are provided to give your inspirations for making presentation-quality org charts. Unlike traditional organization charts which has a fixed style of matrix blocks, these charts are designed with unique ideas and creativities. They are better for making presentations or other visual purposes.

All these examples are created with one software – Org Chart Creator.

Why org chart creator is able to make different styles of org chart? Here are the reasons:

  • Besides basic org chart card shapes, it also included common diagramming shapes, such as circle, triangle, oval, rectangle, star, cylinder, and so on. Both flat style and highlight style are provided.
  • There are numerous clip arts and symbols available to use. Clip art categories include people outline, people half-length, business, finance, marketing, etc.
  • Great guidance, samples, manuals and videos to help you going smoothly without obstacles.

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custom blank org chart
Creative Org Chart Sales
company org chart creative

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Software Company Org Chart – Unique Style

This software company organizational structure displays with an untraditional and unique design. It’s more suitable for making presentations, showing in meetings or preparing work report.


Org chart creator is not only capable for making regular org chart, it’s also intelligent in making custom designs. It includes a great amount of basic drawing shapes, such as circles, triangles, rectangles, cylinders, stars, and other items, which help design versatile org charts with no effort. Besides, you can choose from hundreds of clip arts to make your org chart more engaging.

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