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Create Org Chart with Photos Easily

Create an org chart with photos for your organization easily and quickly with a powerful org chart creator. Just start from readymade templates so that you can save precious time.

Presenting your employees an org chart that includes photos of all members is a great way to reduce the tendency towards isolationism. This article firstly shows you how to achieve an amazing org chart with pictures from scratch. Then, you can learn how to take advantage of our well-formatted org chart templates.

1. The first step is to collect and organize all employees’ photos.

  • Note that it is advisable to use only businesslike and professional pjotoes.
  • Name the photos with the last name of the employee.

2. The second step is to structure the frame of your org chart.

  • Open the org chart creator and choose organizational chart type. Double click the icon of photo org chart to open related shapes libraries.
  • Drag the first shape onto the canvas. Click floating buttons to add subordinates. Except for the first shape, other shapes have 2 floating buttons. The right one is for adding colleagues and the bottom one subordinates.
  • Double click the shapes to enter contents, mainly including names, titles and department.

Add Subordinate in Org Chart Add Colleagues

3. The third step is to replace the default pictures with photos.

  • Move the cursor towards the shapes. Click Replace Photo on the upper right menu.
  • Browse your computer to locate the needed photo. Hit on the photo and then click “Open.”
  • insert photo in org chart

4. The forth step is adjust the photo. All inserted photos are automatically adjusted to fit the shapes.

Each photo added have a number of blue handles surrounding it, usually one at each corner and one in the center of each side.

  • After a shape is selected, click on the photo to show the handles.
  • Place your pointer over a corner until a double-arrow appears. Click the arrow and drag it towards the inside of the photo until it reaches the size you require.
  • Continue this process until you have all photos completed.
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How to Choose the Best Org Chart Creator

You need to think about many factors except for price when choosing the best org chart creator. The cheap and powerful org chart will be the desired option. As for the usability, an effective org chart creator should include the following capabilities.

  1. Data Import Function

Usually, many companies have already saved an Excel file of the employees’ information. A good org chart creator must offer data import function. Through this function, users can turn the Excel file into a visual org chart instantly. Thus saves both time and effort.

  1. Professional Org Charting Tools

By specialized, it means that these tools are professionally designed and can ease the process of org charting. It will be awesome if the org chart creator can generate, connect, align and space shapes automatically. Our org chart creator is such a tool that is popular all over the world, saving users tons of time moving adjusting and reconnecting shapes.

Professional Org Chat Tools

  1. Layout Capacity

Different kinds of org chart need to be laid out differently for the best appearance. Choose the software that offers advanced lay out capacity so that you can lay out the chart in an easy way. If nit suitable, you can always change the style quickly through the point-and-click editor.

Add Colleagues Add Subordinate in Org Chart

  1. Auto Relayout Feature

The org chart often requires update for the high staff turnover especially in large companies. The auto relayout feature allows modification any time. After deleting or adding some shapes, 1 click on the Relayout command will rearrange everything perfectly.

orgchart relayout

  1. Text and Format Tools

Two more factors to weigh when selecting or chart creator are text and format tools. Adding visual elements such as design and color themes, picture inserting and graphics style options are worthy of consideration. Our org chart shapes are all designed with text boxes which are adjustable. Its advanced formatting tools allow perfect layout with only 1 click. If you still want to be able to easily add backgrounds or color gradients, rely on us. Being able to easily customize the look of your org chart is definitely of great importance.


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Manage Employee Information in Org Chart

Modern org chart is not only used for presenting hierarchical structures and reporting relationships, it could also be an employee data carrier, through which you can easily get the employee information you need.

The employee information is stored in the card shape, but due to the spatial limit, usually on the card only shows 2 or 3 basic information such as Name, Title, and Department. Other information like Contact Info, Address, Salary, etc., will be hidden behind. If you need those information, you can access them through easy commands.

For example, your org chart might look like this: there is only name, title, department and picture on the card.
org chart employee information display simple

But when you click on an employee’s card  and open the shape data window, you can see more than three data properties. These data can be edited and exported.

org chart shape data

If you have enough space and want to display all the information on the card, just set through the display option button

set display option
Then all the seven fields you just selected will be shown on the card.

org chart employee information display more
Of cause you can define more fields based on what you need, such as age, height, hong long have been working, etc.

define field

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Project Org Chart – Introduction and Example

This ia a project-based organizational chart, showing the organization of function units and responsiblities of a specific construction project. The project manager takes the whole charge of the project, and under him is the project supervisor, who lead the overall construction work. The project supervisor need to supervise several function units, including construction group, material division, security office, inspection, document, warehouse, etc. The construction team has two shifts, and each one with a group leader, taking control of four main activities – woodworking, steelworking, installing and plastering.

project org chart

Org Chart Creator

Org chart creator makes developing an org chart fast, easy and affordable. Various shapes templates, automatic connecting and smart layout; all these features give you a joyful drawing experience.
Org chart creator is a fully drag-and-drop based software containing a full range of shapes and symbols. Well, that’s not enough, the automatic feature makes it even more easy to do. You don’t need to add shapes and connect them one by one, instead, by clicking on the floating button on the shape, you can one time add a shape and connect the shape simultaneously, very fast. Various shape styles and nice themes make it just a few minutes to produce polished and professional looking org charts.

functional organizational chartClothing Company Org ChartCompany Org Chart Example

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Org Chart Resources Center

Org Chart Resources Center
Definition of Org Chart
An organizational chart (often called organization chart, org chart, organigram(me), or organogram(me)) is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs. The term is also used for similar diagrams, for example ones showing the different elements of a field of knowledge or a group of languages.
Possible Relationship in an Org Chart
Line – direct relationship between superior and subordinate.
Lateral – relationship between different departments on the same hierarchical level.
Staff – relationship between a managerial assistant and other areas. The assistant will be able to offer advice to a line manager. However, they have no authority over the line manager actions.
Functional – relationships between specialist positions and other areas. The specialist will normally have authority to insist that a line manager implements any of their instructions.
Automatic Org Chart Creator
An automatic org chart creator does the drawing for you and has automated many parts of the design process. Our org chart creator is definitely the optimal choice to make org chart of various styles, simple or complicated. It offers all necessary elements for users to get the job done easily. Premade org chart shapes support drag and drop use. Well-design and perfectly formatted templates help you get started with lightning speed. Advanced tools allow you to make modifications anytime and enable easy relayout.
Org Chart Shapes
The shapes are categorized into 3 groups, basic shapes, photo org chart shapes and custom shapes. They are in vector format which are highly scaled. Each one is designed with connectors. After the shapes are connected, they will stay glued even when you move them.
These shapes are pre-drawn so that users can save lots of time and effort. All can be resized, recolored and rotated.
Org Chart Templates
Aplenty of templates are offered. The templates are amazing since they are flexibly edited. Just easily replace the content, make some modifications and make it your own org chart. Check out some examples below. Click this link to get more org chart templates.

School Organizational Chart Small Company Organizational Chart Organization Structure
Free Technology Support
Our technical support team is available to answer your questions and assist you in resolving technical issues. No fee required. The email will be replied within 24 hours.

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Org Chart Creator

If you work in the HR department and are now in charge to make an organizational chart for the whole company, it seems like an arduous task. How to make a quality organizational chart that is clear to understand and visual appealing? Where should you start? Perhaps one of the best ways is to use an organizational chart creator that can make your problem solved in seconds.

Here we highly recommend Edraw Organizational Chart Creator for you. It’s a full featured org chart software coming with advanced tools and quick start templates. It has been on the market since 2004.

Org Chart Creator

Free Download Edraw Organizational Chart Creator and View All Templates and Examples


The Most Important Features

Straightforward UI

The users interface of Edraw organizational chart creator resembles Microsoft program, so as long as you can use word, you can operate Edraw.

Various Built-in Card Shapes

It includes a great range of card shapes in the pre-defined library, with different styles and usage. You can choose the one that best fit your needs.

Vector Based

It means all the symbols, shapes and lines in the document are in vector format, which ensures constant high clarity when you format shapes.

Automatic Formatting

You can experience various automatic functions, including automatic adding shapes, aligning shapes and connecting shapes. Moreover, you can one click change the layout style and re-layout your drawing.

One-click Add Photo

If you want to include the employees’ photo on the org chart to make it more distinguishing, than you just choose photo cards from the library. Then through the action button you can one-click change your own photo.

Create from Data File

If you don’t want to add shapes and edit information one by one, here is a shortcut. Simply input all the staff information in an excel following a certain format, and when you import the file, Edraw will automatically generate an org chart for you, with perfect layout.

Export to Various Format

Don’t worry about sharing your file with others. Edraw support many different formats. With just a click, you can export your org chart to PDF, PPT, Word and many graphic formats.

System Requirements

  • Works on Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista and Citrix
  • Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows
  • Works on Mac OS with Parallels

No Other Organizational Chart Software Gives You All These

  • Easy-to-use organization chart drawing tools and organization charts managing tools.
  • Affordable price and high quality.
  • Free update forever, free technology support.
  • Free examples and built-in templates to help you draw organizational charts rapidly.
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