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Manage Employee Information in Org Chart

Modern org chart is not only used for presenting hierarchical structures and reporting relationships, it could also be an employee data carrier, through which you can easily get the employee information you need.

The employee information is stored in the card shape, but due to the spatial limit, usually on the card only shows 2 or 3 basic information such as Name, Title, and Department. Other information like Contact Info, Address, Salary, etc., will be hidden behind. If you need those information, you can access them through easy commands.

For example, your org chart might look like this: there is only name, title, department and picture on the card.
org chart employee information display simple

But when you click on an employee’s card  and open the shape data window, you can see more than three data properties. These data can be edited and exported.

org chart shape data

If you have enough space and want to display all the information on the card, just set through the display option button

set display option
Then all the seven fields you just selected will be shown on the card.

org chart employee information display more
Of cause you can define more fields based on what you need, such as age, height, hong long have been working, etc.

define field

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Customize Org Chart Easily

To gain impressive org charts that are unique, you can customize it creatively.  Start from easily customizable org chart templates to save both time and energy.

Here are some simple ways to gain customized org charts. Org charting becomes easier than before thanks to our org chart creator’s advanced diagramming tools.

Get Started Quickly from Easily Customizable Templates

Our org chart creator offers lots of templates that are easily customizable. Adding shapes is quite easy for the automatic functions. You can move the cursor to show hidden button which helps you add elements fast. Without drawing skills, anyone can gain org charts instantly.

Organization Structure company-org-chart creative-org-chartCustomized Org Chart Template

Change the fill, line and text style any way you like. Take advantage of the preset themes to enhance appearance of the org chart as fast as possible.


After modifying the chart, you can rearrange it at one click. Use auto relayout function. Relocate all shapes at once, placing all shapes evenly in the perfectly neat way.

Rearrange Org Chart

Use Premade Unique Shapes

Or charts don’t have the same style. You can always design it in your own way. Use some creative shapes that are predefined. Do it by following these steps.

Start the org chart creator. -> Point to New. -> Select Organizational Chart in the templates list. -> Double click Custom Organizational Chart. -> Custom shapes library opens along with a blank page and libraries of Background, Borders and Arrow Shapes. -> Drag and drop shapes onto the canvas.

custom org chart shapes

Add a Beautiful Background

A beautiful background can add charm to your work. In our program, this need only a few seconds. In the libraries pane, click Background and then drag a preferable background. If you don’t like the first choice, just drag another one.

More Excellent Org Chart Templates

Here are some unique org chart templates that are creative and attractive. They are of high value to improve your design value.

custom-org-chartUse different colors in org charts School Organizational Chartfinancial department org chart.png



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Showing KPI in Org Chart

KPI is shorted for key performance indicator. It is a type of business metric used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization. It demonstrates how effectively a company is performing to achieve key business targets and let organizations know if they are on track. As KPI is a performance measurement tool, it can be associated with an org chart. By presenting the KPI in an org chart, you can clearly identify the quantifiable performance measures for each position.

Here shows a road construction company’s organizational chart:

Road Construction Company Org Chart

This is the the KPI org chart:

Company KPI Org Chart


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Org Chart Layout

Lay out org chart properly for better visual effect which will make it more understandable. Here are a few layout techniques that help you make a better organizational chart.
Align and Distribute Shapes Evenly
Being organized is the basic feature of a professional-looking organizational chart. Align all shapes to make it look neat. You can do it easily in our org chart creator. It offers advanced tools to help you make org charts that are perfectly aligned and spaced at 1 click.
Distinguish Levels/Department in Different Colors
Color can add charm to your charts. For high readability, it is necessary to differentiate hierarchies  or departments with various colors. In this way, readers can learn the structure in an instant. Use the color bar or palette to do it.

Use different colors in org charts
Use Vertical Layout in Complex Structure
When it comes to a large company, there are usually many departments and employees. The org chart will extend very wide so it is hard to place the whole chart in one A4 paper. To solve this problem, lay out the chart in vertical direction. See the difference below.

horizontal arrangement of org chart

Apply Auto Relayout after Modifications
During the charting process, alteration is unavoidable. And it is necessary to modify the org chart from time to time and update it. So you may have spent tons of time in relocate the shapes gain and again. From now on, you don’t need to worry this anymore. Our org chart tool help you do it automatically rearrange everything perfectly. You just need to simply click the mouse once.
orgchart relayout

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