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How to Create a School Org Chart Easily?

A good school org chart can make a school perform well and yield good results. As you can see in the picture, principle has the top authority and superintendent is in charge of school daily operation.  Superintendent is expected to report to principle and follow  his orders.  Then Deputy Superintendent, Academic Dean, Administrative Dean, and Information Technology Director are responsible for specific aspects of school respectively. The following part is a guide to make a shcool org chart with Org Chart Creator, a wonderful software for org chart drawing.

school org chart1. Start Org Chart Creator

2. Create a new Bland Drawing Page

3. Open Organizational Chart Shapes

org chart

4. Drag Position Shape onto Your Drawing Page

org chart

5. Add More Boxes

org chart org chart






6. Hide Title and Department

org chart


org chart













7. Text Message to the Boxes

8. Polish Your Boxes

org chart

org chart















9. Layout of Org Chart

org chart




10. Change Themes

org chart

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School Organizational Chart Example

An effective school organizational structure involves with better work distribution, efficient management control and good information processing.

This is a sample school organizational chart for a middle school organizational structure:

School Organizational Chart

Principle: Involves with vision, forward planning, foresight, strategy, school development planning, etc.

Superintendent: Involves with communication, general administration, principle implementation, etc.

Deputy Superintendent: Involves with student discipline, student activity organization, transportation, health care, emergency preparedness, etc.

Academic Dean: Involves with program plan development, teachers and teaching resources distribution, classroom management, subject selection, student assessment, etc.

Administrative Dean: Including two parts – financial department and human resources department. It involves with budget plan, teacher recruitment, teacher training and staff motivation.

Information and Technology center involves with teaching resources management, purchasing, technical equipment maintenance.

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