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The Function of Matrix Org Chart

Matrix org chart is a type of organizational structure combined functional framework with projected one. In accordance with Project Management Body of Knowledge, the level of authority project managers can own determines the strength of the matrix organization, to some extent.

Matrix Org Chart Example

If the strong matrix org chart is adopted in a company, project managers are empowered to have full control of the project in the whole project life-span. They are entitled to direct and supervise the entire team to get the project done on time.

While in a weak matrix org chart,  project managers have pretty limited authority. They are not in a position to command the team members to do any task. We would like to consider project managers in this case as project coordinators and the relation between the project team and manager is not leadership but collaboration.

Matrix org chart is a key diagram for human resource department. In this organizational structure, a number of people stay on the same level of management but work on different projects. It is very helpful for staff management compared with other types of org chart like horizontal org chart, hierarchic org chart, and functional org chart. Matrix org chart makes it possible that everyone skilled can be matched with the right project to achiever both individual progress and enterprise development.

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What is an Organogram ?-Definition & Purpose

Definition of Organogram

Organogram is an intuitive reflection of organization structure, one of the most common diagram to illustrate the relation among departments, superiors and subordinates vividly and briefly. It is defined as a top-bottom, with icon list, architecture diagram which can automatically increase vertical level. Organogram shows the correlation among organizational unit in the form of graphics and it provides great convenience for people to view detailed information of organizational units as well as the associated position and personnel.


Purpose of Organogram

  • It can display function division.
  • It allows people to know whether right and responsibility is set properly or not.
  • It can tell if someone is under overweight workload.
  • It can tell if there is someone undertaking relevant work and staying idle.
  • It can tell if some talented workers hasn’t been able to draw out the best in themselves.
  • It can tell if some unqualified person hold in  important position.
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The Best Organogram Maker Software

Organogram is a type of diagram where graphics are applied to show the relation of workers and layout of management within the organization such as company and department. Compared with text description, organizational chart can illustrate the complex relation more vividly, clearly and briefly.

If you worked in the human resources department, you are bound to make organogram because you have to know the whole picture of the management of your company. Org Chart Creator is the best organogram maker software and also would be your first choice.

Org Chart Creator is professional software made for organogram drawing, which has earned worldwide acclaim. It has abundant nice templates inside including Business Organogram, Company Organogram, Family Tree, and Custom Organogram. You can select any one of them for a quick start.

organizational chart templates


Moreover, you can finish your organogram very fast with the help of the super function such as: auto-layout, auto-align, and auto-distribution. Besides, you can get your drawing exported to many other formats like: PDF, PS, EPS, PNG, JPG, Html, SVG.

organizational chart exported


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Best Organizational Structure for Small Business

As for a small company, the organizational structure chart must be concise and complete so that the whole company can be operated, with the least expense, normally and smoothly.

The responsibility of every fragment:

Best Organizational Structure for Small Business


Board of Directors

Be responsible for some key decisions on investment and strategies of the whole company.


General Manager

  • Set out company’s mid-long-term development strategy and management plan and promote the implementation of them.
  • Preside overall management of company’s operating, and profit objectives. Organize and implement resolutions of Board of Directors.
  • Deal with emergencies and major problems in relation with other companies.


Financial Department

  • Responsible for the company’s daily financial accounting.
  • Allocate the funds properly to ensure the company’s continuous functioning.
  • Responsible for the check and issue of wages.


System Integration Department

  • Responsible for the specific implementation in terms of existing project book.
  • Assist project department with project wiring and  pre-sale technical support.
  • Management of project material.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and design for company’s internal network.


Personnel Administration Department

  • Involved in administration of the company.
  • Responsible for personnel  rating and recruitment.


Sales & Marketing Department  

  • Be supposed to complete the month, quarter, annual  sales target issued by the relevant person.
  • Enact marketing strategy according the development plan and the actual situation.
  • Formulate the promotion plan as well as to put it into practice.
  • Engaged in the research and analysis of the market.
  • Develop new business and  manage clients.


Technology Department

  • Responsible for product’s installation, debugging and maintenance.
  • Offer pre and post sales support including consulting and repair.
  • Ensure the company’s internal system run normally.
  • Deal with planning, deployment and implementation of a new project.
  • Collection and communication of new technology.
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