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EPA Org Chart Examples: Editable and Free to Download

EPA Org Chart: What Does It Refer to

An EPA org chart represents the organizational chart of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is an agency of the America federal government. The main purpose and duties of EPA are to protect and enforcing national standards of the environment by various rules. President Richard Nixon proposed the set-up of EPA in the 1970’s. The House and Senate manages the order of EPA.

The headquarter of EPA is in Washington, D.C. The agency operates environmental issues including assessment, research, and education areas. In 2017 Trump proposed a considerable decrease in the overall budget of EPA. Such movement may further reduce around a quarter of the agency jobs. Here you can see an overview of the EPA org chart.

epa org chart overview

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Differences Between Vertical and Horizontal Org Chart

Org chart can be classified into two types: vertical and horizontal, based on the style of the layout.  A vertical org chart looks like a pyramid. At the top is the CEO or company president. A single segment consists of a series of middle management and the manager who is responsible for their department. In contrast, a horizontal org chart has no middle management, hence normally all employees need to report to only one manager. Such type is also called the flat org chat. This article is going to explain the most significant differences between vertical org chart and horizontal org chart in terms of decision-making, collaboration, and communication.

Figure 1. Vertical Org Chart Example

Differences Between Vertical and Horizontal Org Chart

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General Introduction to Vertical Organizational Structure

What is a Vertical Organizational Structure

The vertical organizational structure is a strict hierarchical structure with power emanating from the top to the bottom. With a chain of command well defined, decisions usually move from the top down through layer by layer, and people at the bottom have the least autonomy. In the structure, each person is supervised by the one directly above him. Employees can clearly monitor their roles and duties.

Vertical Org Chart

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