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How to Create Apple’s Org Chart in a Stylish Way

Something happens in Apple. A new VP has been appointed to reports directly to Tim Cook. It is reported that Paul Deneve has responsibility for some important special projects and is to report directly to Tim Cook, too. Since the previous manager has a background in luxury brand company, it is under discussion that which will be the next new project Apple will work on to match with this new manager’s background and talent.

How to Create Apple’s Org Chart

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How to Create a School Org Chart Easily?

A good school org chart can make a school perform well and yield good results. As you can see in the picture, the principle has the top authority and superintendent is in charge of school daily operation.  Superintendent is expected to report in principle and follow his orders.  Then Deputy Superintendent, Academic Dean, Administrative Dean, and Information Technology Director are responsible for specific aspects of school respectively. The following part is a guide to make a school org chart with Org Chart Creator, a wonderful software for org chart drawing.

school org chart


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How to Create a Matrix Org Chart: A Full Guide for You

Matrix org chart is a type of diagram in which people are divided into levels by administrative power meanwhile workers can also be grouped by projects. Several people get involved in a project, forming the project team. And the whole company may consist of tens of project teams. There is no superiority or coordination between any two project team. Every team project is equal and independent.

The figure below is a good example of a matrix org chart. Next, I will show you how to make a matrix org chart with Org Chart Creator, which is professional software for creating org chart just as its name tells.

Matrix Org Chart Example



Matrix Org Chart

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The Function of Matrix Org Chart: Top Hidden Key Points

Matrix org chart is a type of organizational structure combined functional framework with projected one. In accordance with the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the level of authority project managers can own determines the strength of the matrix organization, to some extent.

Matrix Organizational Chart

Make Your Own Org Charts!

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What is an Organogram -Definition & Purpose

Definition of the Organogram

Organogram is an intuitive reflection of organization structure, one of the most common diagrams to illustrate the relationships among departments, superiors, and subordinates vividly and briefly. It is defined as a top-bottom, with icon list, architecture diagram which can automatically increase the vertical level. Organogram shows the correlation among organizational unit in the form of graphics and it provides great convenience for people to view detailed information on organizational units as well as the associated position and personnel.


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Uber Organizational Chart Example

Uber Technologies Co., Ltd is a high technology company, situated in Silicon Valley in America. It is famous for its taxi app Uber, which nearly change the way people travel.  Uber company build a great platform for passengers and drivers to make a deal online ending with the results of lower traffic cost and great convenience.

The org chart template below illustrates how the Uber company is structured. This organizational chart is made with the help of Org Chart Creator. Org Chart Creator is born for organizational chart drawing.

uber organizational chart

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More Enterprise Organizational Chart Examples

IBM Org Chart Structure


DropBox Org Chart


Facebook Organizational Structure


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Restaurant Organizational Chart Example and Their Job Description

To have a better understanding of how a restaurant works, we make a restaurant organizational chart template for your reference. As shown in the picture, both bookkeeper and general manager report to the owner.

org chart sample

Create Your Own Org Chart Right Now

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How to Create an Organizational Chart of Olympic Games

The figure below is an organizational chart for Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It illustrates the layout of Olympic Games organization and how the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is hosted smoothly. It’s drawn in this Org Chart Creator, a fantastic org chart maker tool.

How to Create an Organizational Chart of Olympic Games


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The Best Organogram Maker Software You Should Know

Organogram is a type of diagram where graphics are applied to show the relation of employees and layout of management within an organizational type, such as company and department. Compared with text description, an organizational chart can illustrate the complex relation more vividly, clearly and briefly. You can easily create any org charts with an organogram maker.

Organogram Maker interface

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Corporate Organizational Chart with Board of Directors Example

The corporation can have various types of the organizational chart but in general, it is comprised of four elements: board of directors, officers, employees, and shareholders or owners. There is no imposed restriction on the position and a worker can be an employee as well as the role of the officer, board of director, shareholder or owner simultaneously. Even so, the role and function of each are quite different.

corporate organizational chart with board of directors

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