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Human Resources Department Organizational Chart Example

Human Resource department plays an important role in a company. This section ensures enough qualified people to be admitted to the company and can also perform well. To some extent, the HR department exerts a tremendous influence on the profits and prosperity of the whole company. Here is a professional and well-designed human resources department organizational chart example.

HR Org Chart

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Tesco Company Organisational Structure Chart Example

Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise seller company.  It’s headquartered in England. Tesco follows a hierarchical organizational structure. In this structure, positions and obligation are divided into many parts to ensure work will be done efficiently and smoothly. The ones at the top of the business pyramid have the maximum responsibilities and authority.

As it is shown in Figure 1 below, the Tesco organizational structure is constructed with five committees reporting to Tesco PLC Board. 11 members of Tesco Executive Committee are led by Group Chief Executive Dave Lewis. Tesco organizational structure chart is highly hierarchical showing its wide business scope.

Tesco organisational structure chart

Figure 1. Tesco Corporate Governance Structure chart

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hierarchical Organisational Structure

Hierarchical organizational structure puts the authority and responsibility on the top side of the company and makes them flow down from the top to the lowest level gradually. This model works like a pyramid and centralizes all power and duties on people who stand on the peak of the organizational structure. To assess this type of management style, it has advantages as well as disadvantages.

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How to Optimize Company Organogram: A Must-Read Guide

With regards to company organogram optimization, we usually alter the procedure of organizational construction so as to reach the scientific systemic management model. This can be achieved base on three principles.

 How to Optimize Company Organogram

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Film Production Organogram Chart Sample: Ready-to-Use for You

This image is a sample of film production organogram chart from which you can clearly know the construction of a film crew and have a general understanding of how the film is produced step by step. This chart is created in Org Chart Creator, a professional tool for drawing an org chart template. Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

It’s pretty easy to use this tool. For more manipulation, go to Customize Organogram Chart Easily.

Film Production Organogram Chart

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What’s the Best Org Chart of a Successful Startup?

In general, most of the startups have adopted a flat organizational structure in the early years which turns out to be a good result. They expand three to four times faster than their competitors with complex layers of management.  But when the young company grows to the matured organization, the org chart still keeps the same. The owner of the company fails to update the org chart because he mistakenly considers the management system as an inhibitor of creativity and flexibility. This wrong decision finally pulls the rapid growth to a stop and ends the prosperity of the entire company. So what’s the right org chart startup should adopt to keep the success sustainable? It will be illustrated based on two stages that a company stays. In each stage, the company needs different org chart.

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Best Organizational Structure for Small Business

As for a small company, the organizational structure chart must be concise and complete so that the whole company can move forward, with the least expense, normally and smoothly.

The responsibility of every fragment is as the following:

Best Organizational Structure for Small Business

Create Your Own Org Chart Right Now

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5 Elements of Organizational Structure Design

The organizational chart is a kind of diagram used to show the layout of personnel in a company, which tells us all the links between anyone in the organization. With this awesome chart, you can check for useful information as quickly as possible. It’s convenient for stuff to cooperate with each other. There are 5 key elements you have to keep in mind when drawing an organizational chart.

Work Specialization

Work specialization means the specific degree the employee has acquired. This element is often used to measure how task in an organization has been assigned to each person for most of the time the entire job cannot be done by one individual. Work specialization plays an important role in the direction of assignment distribution. That’s why specialization is called one of the most significant elements in organizational chart structure design.

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