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hierarchy chart
What is a Hierarchy Chart?

Hierarchy Chart exhibits the breakdown of a system or an organization into the smallest manageable sections. It is usually a top-down structure and also has a left-right design. In the illustrated diagram, rectangles represent different entities in the system, and lines will be used to connect them. These diagrams look like organizational charts in some ways, and you can use org chart makers to draw hierarchy charts as well. 

The Definition Of Hierarchy

The word “Hierarchy“, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, means a system in which people or things are put at various levels or ranks according to their importance. When you work in a company, you will find that your company structure can be illustrated as a hierarchy organizational chart.



What are Hierarchy Charts used for?

Hierarchical charts are described as visual representations of a system of hierarchy and an organization with various levels. Roles, ranks, or positions of people or things are laid out in a graphic format clearly that depicts the relationships between the entities. The top of the chart is generally kept for the most important or significant part of the system. Looking down from the top are the other components of the system. As you may know, the commands and decisions should flow from the top to the bottom in this system of hierarchy.

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ECLAC Org Chart: All You Need to Know

The ECLAC org chart refers to the organizational structure of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America. It is one of the subdivisions of the UN Economic and Social Council. The countries of the Caribbean were later joined in 1984 and the headquarter is now in Chile. The main work duty of the organization is to improve the economic development of Latin America areas by building effective communications between member countries. Feel free to find out more details by hitting on the ECLAC org chart below:

ECLAC org chart

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UNECE Org Chart: Learn about UN Economic Commission for EU

The UNECE org chart below shows the general structure of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which is one of the five important regional commissions of the UN. The UNECE org aims to achieve high-standard economic integration within the 56 member countries. The Commission also welcomes countries from other continents to join their work, such as some non-governmental parties.

UNECE Org Chart

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Economic Commission for Africa Org Chart: Great Insights

The Economic Commission for Africa ECA was set up by the Economic and Social Council of the UN organization. The commission is one of the United Nations’s dominant regional departments. The key purpose of ECA is to improve the economic and social development and integrations of member countries in Africa. Currently, there are over 50 members in the commission. You can find out more details of the Economic Commission for Africa org by checking out the below chart.

economic commission for africa org chart

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Get to Know the International Organization for Migration – IOM Org Chart

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is a world-leading organization for migration issues. It is part of the UN organization with nearly 170 member countries. There are several dominant duties of the institution: humane management of migration, international migration cooperations, migration research, the development of migration guidance and policies, the health management of refugees and displaced people programs and so on. Feel free to know more about the International Organization for Migration by hitting on the below IOM org chart.

IOM Org Chart


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IAEA Org Chart: See More About the International Atomic Energy Agency

The IAEA org chart shows the organizational structure of the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is an UN organization for global atomic peace and the agency plays the central role in the international nuclear field. Meanwhile, the Agency cooperates with other national parties or United Nations departments for better development of the global nuclear technology. You can see more by clicking on the IAEA org chart below:

IAEA Org chart

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UNCDF Org Chart: Take a Close Look at the UN Capital Development Fund

The UNCDF org chart shows the overall organizational framework of the United Nations Capital Development Fund. The organization was established as a voluntary UN department affiliated with UNDP. The main purpose of UNCDF is to manage both private and public types of financial assets and programs for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). So far, the organization has supported many developing nations improving domestic economy. Feel free to see more insights of the Fund based on the following org chart.

UNCDF Org Chart

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ITLOS Org Chart: Know More about the International Sea Law Tribunal

The ITLOS org chart refers to the organizational structure of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. It is an independent legal organization set up by the UN. The key aim of the ITLOS is to handle disputes regarding international regulations of the sea areas. Feel free to check out more details in the following ITLOS org chart.


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International Seabed Authority Org Chart: Divisions & Duties

International Seabed Authority is one of the United Nations departments. Currently, its headquarter is in Kingston, Jamaica. The authority was set up according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and the main duty of the organization is to organize and manage programs regarding the resources of the Sea. You can find out more details of the International Seabed Authority by double-clicking on the org chart below.

international seabed authority org chart

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OPCW Org Chart: Explore the Chemical Weapons Organization

The OPCW org chart shows the whole structure of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which is part of the UN System. The main duty of OPCW is responsible for the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and manages the operations of a wide range of chemical weapons topics, like the verification of compliance, the maintenance for consultations and cooperations among member states. So far, the organization has over 20 years of history. Feel free to see more based on the OPCW org chart below:

OPCW org chart

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