CFPB Org Chart Examples: Key Divisions behind the Scences

CFPB Org Chart Examples: Key Divisions behind the Scences

CFPB Org Chart: What Does It Means

A CFPB org chart means Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) diagram. CFPB is an agency of the America government in charge of consumer security in the financial industry.  In a CFPB org chart departments usually cover financial banks, credit organizations, lenders, mortgage service organizations, debt collectors and some other financial firms in the USA.

cfpb org chart example

Normally a typical CFPB org chart has the following divisions. :

  • Operations and Chief Operating Office
  • Consumer Education and Engagement
  • Supervision Enforcement and Fair Lending
  • Research, Markets, and Regulations
  • External Affairs

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Operations and Chief Operating Office

The Operations department of CFPB provides operational support. The chief operating officer offers the general direction for the department. The COO is supported by the Operations Division front Office. Such offices also offer project management and communications assistants for the whole CFPB. The operating sector is contributed by the chief administrative officer (CAO); chief financial officer (CFO); chief human capital officer (CHCO); Chief information officer (CIO) and Consumer Response Officer.

cfpb officers

Consumer Education and Engagement

This division mainly focuses on financial education, financial empowerment, older Americans and service affairs. The Consumer Education and Engagement team offers a variety of tools and approaches to respond to the different types of financial choices that American consumers may face.

cfpb org charts

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Supervision Enforcement and Fair Lending; Research

The department ensures compliance with federal consumer financial regulations by monitoring large-scale enterprises and small business. Usually, it includes the Office of Supervision Examinations, the Office of Supervision Policy, the Office of Enforcement, and the Office of Fair Lending.

Research, Markets, and Regulations

This division is in charge of monitoring consumer financial markets, undertaking researchers, setting and deciding regulations. Topics in this part include card markets, credit, deposits, lending markets, mortgage markets and so on.

market research of cfpb

External Affairs

The team is to make sure that the CFPB keeps a robust dialogue with stakeholders and the public. Therefore, transparency and accountability can be delivered to fit diverse perspectives.

How Could I Draw My Org Charts?

Simply go to the Org chart software guide :) Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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