Contact Information Organizational Chart with Employee Details

Contact Information Organizational Chart with Employee Details

If you are working for the human resources department of a large-scale enterprise, then you may need to sort and check countless contact information details of your team. Are there any solutions to this? Today, we gonna show you how to create contact information organizational chart to improve your work productivity.

Contact Information Organizational Chart – What Is It?

A contact information organizational chart covers an individual employee’s personal information by which the human resources manager can use to reach the individual. For example, the department name, the job title, the work phone, the work email and so on. Here is an example of the contact information organizational chart (click on it to enlarge):

Contact Information Organizational Chart example

How to Create a Contact Information Organizational Chart?

Besides Excel, you can use an easy org chart creator to do this. Just follow these steps:

Step 1 – Build Your Organizational Structure

First, you need to add individual employee shapes, for instance, managers, department colleagues, subordinates, and assistants, to build your organizational structure.

add employee shapes

Alternatively, you can directly import your personnel data from Excel. An organizational chart will be automatically created based on your inputs.

import employee data file

Step 2 – Choose the Contact Information View Option

Click on the Contact Information view option, then you can choose to display or hide what types of elements, or change the units of different elements for your organizational chart. Once click on the OK button, all changes will be applied automatically.

Contact Information View Option

Step 3 – Export/Save/Print Your Contact Information Organizational Chart

Once done your work, you can export to different formats including Graphics, PDF, MS Office; or save your file on the built-in team/personal cloud.

export print share save

Optional Steps – Present Your Org Charts/Insert Attachments/Edit Shape Details

You may also edit more information for your employee shapes. For example, to set text fonts, decide element locations, and change the shape sizes etc. If you have additional documents for your organizational chart, simply one-click to insert them. Moreover, it is also convenient to auto-create a slide based on your current organizational chart for your meetings.

edit employee shapes

Have a Try Right Now

Create your own contact information organizational chart today by free downloading the easy org charting creator. Furthermore, you can try many other advanced HRM display options such as salaries, performance rating, employee photos, FLSA counts, the span of controls, and so on.

easy org chart creator user interface

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