How to Create Apple’s Org Chart in a Stylish Way

How to Create Apple’s Org Chart in a Stylish Way

Something happens in Apple. A new VP has been appointed to reports directly to Tim Cook. It is reported that Paul Deneve has responsibility for some important special projects and is to report directly to Tim Cook, too. Since the previous manager has a background in luxury brand company, it is under discussion that which will be the next new project Apple will work on to match with this new manager’s background and talent.

How to Create Apple’s Org Chart

As we all know, Apple’s org chart is one of the most protected secrets. Even its own employees know nothing about how this company is organized. So this org chart is speculated and summarized from the internet. I made this org chart with Org Chart Creator, a professional software for drawing org chart. I will show you how to draw it step by step.

1. Start the Org Chart Creator.

edraw mac organizational chart software

2. Create a new blank drawing page.

create new blank drawing page

3. Open Libraries.

open Libraries

Then many circular charting shapes turn up on the left toolbar for you to choose.

I choose Circle 6 to make this org chart. Drag it and drop onto your canvas.

circular organizaitonal shapes

4. Add more segments.

We get only five segments in the shape, but we need fourteen. So click the button and set segment number.

set segment number


Replace default text with your words. Adjust the size of this drawing by dragging.

5. Change themes of your org chart.

change themes of org chart

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