DISA Org Chart: the American Defense Information Systems Agency

DISA Org Chart: the American Defense Information Systems Agency

What Is the DISA Org Chart?

The DISA org chart refers to the organizational framework of the Defense Information Systems Agency. It belongs to the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Normally, DISA offers assistance for the issues of information technology (IT) and communications to the U.S. President Office, the military department, and any federal divisions and agencies relevant to the defense of the United States. You can see more details about the DISA org chart as below.

disa org chart example

Explore the Main Services in the DISA Org Chart

DISA has a number of Services units, such as the Joint Service Provider, and the Procurement Services Directorate etc, for different purposes. Generally, the key services types can be divided into the following categories.

Command Management

This part is something related to the Spectrum Management and the Command and Control systems. DISA provides support in terms of the daily operations and planning to partners and Combatant Commanders. DISA also cooperates with some international information sharing and command systems.

Computer Engineering & Network Services

These two parts are also quite significant in the DISA org chart. The network service usually means the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN). It is a global-based telecommunications system for the exchange of data in a secure database environment. Currently, DISA is working on a wide range of fields include Data security, Voice and Video information, Wireless connection and Satellite improvement.

Business Services

Dominant services those DISA offers to its business partners are Applications, Infrastructure, and Identity Management. Applications are about videos, emails, portal systems, messaging and some other web services. The Infrastructure category covers the Hosting Services, the monitoring and the accessibility of business data. The Identity Management is for the synchronization of identity and open source management.

What Should I Do to Create A DISA Org Chart?

This Org chart creator how-to guide here may help you:) Alternatively, feel free to try this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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