5 Elements of Organizational Structure Design

5 Elements of Organizational Structure Design

The organizational chart is a kind of diagram used to show the layout of personnel in a company, which tells us all the links between anyone in the organization. With this awesome chart, you can check for useful information as quickly as possible. It’s convenient for stuff to cooperate with each other. There are 5 key elements you have to keep in mind when drawing an organizational chart.

Work Specialization

Work specialization means the specific degree the employee has acquired. This element is often used to measure how task in an organization has been assigned to each person for most of the time the entire job cannot be done by one individual. Work specialization plays an important role in the direction of assignment distribution. That’s why specialization is called one of the most significant elements in organizational chart structure design.

Division of Department

Division of department is the common state how workers are connected together. Every company has its unique way of categorizing work activities. Division of department can affect working efficiency and company development.  So the selection of the most suitable model of compartmentalization really means a lot.

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Chain of Command 

It shows the line of power drawn from the upper level to the lower level. It is the full layout of authority and it functions as guidance that who questions who. There are 3 key concepts in this element:

  • Authority: refers to the rights the upper level owns to instruct people to do the work well.
  • Responsibility: the obligation and duty that the lower level has to take.
  • Unified command: a principle lies in the management that each person should only report to no more than one manager in order to avoid confusion and disorder.

Span of Control

This element is really important because it determines how many people each manager can manage and how many circles of management an organization can be divided into. It even can shape the whole organizational structure.


This refers to the rule of how work is standardized and the guidance on how workers should behave.

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