Excel Org Chart Alternative Software: Best Picks for Organizations

Excel Org Chart Alternative Software: Best Picks for Organizations

Wondering your choices of a professional and easy-to-use excel org chart alternative? Has lots of names in mind but not sure how to choose? Simply check this article for the 5 recommended excel org chart alternatives in details.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a good excel org chart alternative that can be used with Microsoft. Its similar dashboard with Microsoft helps users get started quickly. The software has abundant preset org chart shapes, icons, symbols, marks and templates for users to edit. What’s more, Edraw Max supports exporting org charts in various file formats which enables users to share their charts with just one button.

Excel Org Chart Alternatives Edraw Max

Free Download

Features: Easy-to-use Interface; SlideShow Function for Meetings; Rich Pre-set Icons
Prices: Free Version; Full Version $99 annually
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


It is a competitive diagramming software available as a windows downloadable program. The excel org chart alternative can also be used as a cloud-based service with good selection of templates and icons. Therefore, you create quick and easy diagrams. What I found inconvenient is the exporting option, which is not compatible with some other big names in the org chart software market. And the price package is not as competitively priced as some other options.

smartdraw interface

Features: Cloud-based; Good templates
Prices: Free Trial available; Lifetime license $197 for full version
Platforms: Only on Windows


Overall easy to use and cheap. The excel org chart alternative also includes some high-quality drawing tools. For students, the free version (which does not cover too many icons) is adequate whereas for small firms full version is quite necessary. Sometimes I have printout problem due to my browser version. After I contacted their service team a software correction was finally made. Personally, I prefer more symbols to networking technology.

gliffy interface

Features: Good drawing tools; Clear dashboard
Prices: Free Trial available; Full Version $3.99 monthly
Platforms: Windows, Mac


This excel org chart alternative has good cloud solution without IT knowledge. What’s even convenient is that you do not need to draw box since it will automatically format your org chart. The creating process is even more simple by no more than drag and drop. However, one thing I do not like is the exporting option, which I can only export in PDF format.
orgweaver interface
Features: Efficient Cloud Solution; Auto-fit feature
Prices: Free Trial available; Full Version $7 monthly
Platforms: Windows, Mac


OrgPlus lets you visualize workforce by using professional-design tools. You can quickly connect to corporate HR database to streamline org chart creation. Drafts or works can be exported into different formats like navigable PDF, HTML and Microsoft Office documents. The editing tools are convenient to use for org chart customization.

orgplus interface

Features: Good design interface; Easy editing tools
Prices: Free Trial available; Full Version $149
Platforms: Web-based
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