FAA Org Chart Templates: Key Divisions You Need to Know

FAA Org Chart Templates: Key Divisions You Need to Know

What is an FAA Org Chart?

An FAA org chart represents the overall organizational framework of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is a USA authority that in charges of civil aviation. Examples of FAA departments include the construction and operation of airports, public transport management, the certification of personnel air crafts or some other related topics. Here you can see an FAA org chart in colorful theme.

faa org chart template


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FAA Org Chart Key Divisions

Generally, an FAA org chart has the following divisions: the Administrator level; the Financial Services department; the Civil Rights center; the Chief Counsel office; the Government Affairs department; the HR Management department and the Office of Communications.

  • Administrator Level: This includes the administrator and group of assistants.
  • Financial Services: This part refers to daily financial operations. Roles covering operations assistants and acquisition officers.
  • Civil Rights: This probably one of the most important part for FAA. Usually, it has an Equal employment opportunity (EEO) director.
  • Chief Counsel: Roles of this part are mainly about deputy chief counsel, staff assistants and so on.
  • Government Affairs: Roles in this division mainly deal with national industrial affairs.
  • HR Management: The division is all about human resource issues. Staff and officers need to handle with HR policies or strategic planning.
  • Office of Communications: This part refers to any kinds of public affairs, communication issues, and some other relative topics.

FAA Org Main Duties

The main duties of FAA covering the following aspects:

  • Managing America commercial space transportation activities
  • Managing air navigation and flight inspection standards
  • Maintaining and improving new aviation technology
  • Promoting transportation safety via local departments
  • Operating a system of air traffic control
  • Researching the civil aeronautics
  • Undertaking programs to monitor environmental effects of civil aviation

FAA Org Chart More Templates

Feel free to check more theme styles for FAA org chart structure.

faa template

faa org example

faa org chart colorful pattern


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