Football Club Organizational Chart – Introduction and Example

Football Club Organizational Chart – Introduction and Example

Long ago, football clubs were formed by friends, workmates, football lovers or sporting associations to enjoy playing the game and competing. But as time goes by, football clubs are becoming more formal, some larger clubs have turned to limited companies. Different clubs have different cultures and ways of construction. Here is a sample of a football club organizational chart. Let’s see how this club is constructed.

Football Club Organizational Chart

Roles and Responsibilities in the Football Club

Board of Directors:

  • Determine policies for the football club.
  • Be responsible for the development of the club.
  • Make plans and strategies.
  • Supervise club activities and money flow.


  • Responsible for implementing polices.
  • Organize activities.
  • Make necessary appointments.
  • Appoint staff to perform tasks.
  • Solve problems.
  • Reporting to the board of directors regularly about club progress.
  • Set meetings.

Football Club Organizational Chart symbols

Club Service Coordinator:

  • Maintains safe and secure environment for club members.
  • Coordinates new member inductions, orientation and involvement into the club in a timely and memorable fashion.
  • Assist president to solve problems.

Football Techniques Development

  • Assists the club with player and coach recruitment.
  • Provides league and tournament recommendations for each team based on team history and prospects.
  • support the ongoing professional development of the football grassroots coach tutors to ensure they continue to provide consistent and fit for purpose education.

Financial Director

  • Plans and supervises the budget.
  • Researchers and plans fundraising projects.
  • Work with club payroll to ensure the accuracy of payroll postings.


  • Responsible for registering players, administrators, and coaches.
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