How to Apply a Predefined Org Chart View Mode Quickly?

How to Apply a Predefined Org Chart View Mode Quickly?

Human resources management (HRM) is one of the most important parts of business long-term success. The standard HRM normally covers many sub-topics, such as the performance and pay, the training scheme, the workforce planning and so on. Today, we will see how to apply a predefined org chart vide mode to help you effectively manage your employees.

How to Apply a Predefined Org Chart View Mode?

Simply free download this easy org chart creator, then go to the Views Options on the right-hand side panel of the user interface. You will see a list of the key human resources management factors. By clicking on any of them, your current org chart will be applied to the corresponding view automatically. For example, if we click on the FLSA Counts view, then our org chart on the left-hand side will be switched into the FLSA counts status.

How to Apply a Predefined Org Chart View Mode

Manage Your HRM View Options

You can also add or delete your own view options. If you need to edit details, let’s say, to change the salary currency, then just go to Define Field function, then you can select Currency to set your details.

Manage Your HRM View Options

Important HRM View Options

Here are the most common choices:

Salary Organizational Chart

This type shows the income of the personnel of an organization in order to facilitate the decision-making process within a company.

Hire Date Organizational Chart

The hire date organizational chart covers both the name, the role and the hire date of a single employee. By doing so, HR managers can easily record and track the tenure of the company’s personnel.

HR Details Organizational Chart

An HR details organizational chart covers essential details of an employee: names, titles, gender, departments, locations, hire dates, employee ID and so on.

Employee Performance Evaluation Organizational Chart

The employee performance evaluation org chart shows the process of setting specific performance expectations for every employee in order to provide feedback related to the pre-set goals.

Contract Management View Option

Contract management is the process of operational contract management within an organization. It reflects the business relationship between employees and organizations with certain terms and conditions.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Organizational Chart

It is a United States federal law published by Congress in 1938 and it covers five parts: minimum wage, overtime pay eligibility, recordkeeping, and child labor. The Fair Labor Standards Act influence both full-time and part-time workers in profit and non-profit organizations.

Span of Control Organizational Chart

It is the number of subordinates that a manager or supervisor can directly control according to the different types of work.

Contact Information Organizational Chart

This type includes an individual employee’s personal details by which the HR manager can use to reach the individual, e.g. the department name, the job title, the work phone, the work email and so on.

Workforce Planning Organizational Chart

It is a continual process used to align the requirements of the organization in order to meet organizational objectives.

Manage Your Employees Right Now!

So far, we have introduced a number of important human resources management factors, and how to apply and manage your org chart HRM view options. It’s time to have a try!

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