ICS Org Chart: Knowing More about Incident Command System

ICS Org Chart: Knowing More about Incident Command System

ICS Org Chart: Basic Concept

An ICS org chart means the institutional structure of the Incident Command System. It is a standardized and effective managemental hierarchy to control and coordinate emergency events. ICS has now become one aspect of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for the American government.

You can see one of the ICS org chart templates below:

ics org chart template

More detailed responsibilities of ICS covering select and form teams to monitor funds, equipment, and personnel for a task. Personnel is assigned based on pre-defined rules sanctioned by involving authorities. For a single incident, ICS is applied from the very beginning to the final stage when no management is needed. Meanwhile, ICS faces some challenges, like satisfying the requirements of a jurisdiction; offering assistance to officers; reducing unnecessary cost and so on.

Key Factors of An ICS Org Chart


It is defined as any unexpected actions those need responses. In reality, there are many examples of the term: ambulance service; train derailments; disease outbreaks; terrorist attacks; natural disasters; any threats to the public environment and so on.


Events in an ICS org chart are defined as planned cases. The main categories of the term event normally cover emergency management and non-emergency management issues.

Basic Command Unit

It is the fundamental element in an ICS org chart. The form of such units is to ensure higher productivity and improve the flow of information. Therefore, coordination of operational efforts can be strengthened.

Common Terminology

This part is a must-have dimension for teamwork among different organizations. The cooperation way can be internal with group members. Common terminology is popular especially in some management roles, like the Chief Operation Officer.

Flexible Institutions

Normally, such institutions are organized in order to meet the incident scope as well as resources. Only a very limited amount of roles within the command framework would be activated. The full ICS institution is only for complex and large-scale operations. As the stage of an incident comes to its final end, positions may be merged, so that’s why call it “flexible“.

ICS Practical Applications

The uses of ICS cover from business, private sectors to legal purposes. So far, ICS has been used in worldwide countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Brazil, and Canada. The majority of American emergency agencies many states monitor disasters according to ICS framework. ICS also works with the United States Department of Homeland Security for emergency services throughout the whole country.

Wanna Have a Try?

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