IMF Org Chart: Explore the Inside of the International Monetary Fund

IMF Org Chart: Explore the Inside of the International Monetary Fund

What Is an IMF Org Chart?

An IMF org chart means the organizational framework of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It was established in 1945 with a total number of nearly 190 member countries. Like the World Trade Organization (WTO), IMF is also one of the most important sub-divisions of the United Nations (UN). The key aim of the organization is to improve global monetary cooperation, secure worldwide financial stability, strengthen international trade, and decrease global poverty rate. You can see more sub-divisions of the IMF org chart as below.

imf org chart

Significant Sud-departments in the IMF Org Chart

Board of Governors

This part is the leading decision-making body of the overall International Monetary Fund. The Board contains one governor and one alternate governor for each member. For the voting aspect, all the member countries appoint the governor. Furthermore, the Board of Governors generally meets once a year to seek solutions for normal financial issues.

Executive Directors

These roles in the IMF org chart are in charge of carrying out daily business activities of the IMF. So far, there are in total 24 Executive Directors who are selected by member countries. The meeting frequency of these Directors is on a weekly or daily basis depended on the emergency. Usually, the Executive Office undertakes programs mainly according to the policies and regulations set by the IMF staff.

Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)

The IEO was set up in 2001 with the main aim to carry out independent evaluations of worldwide finance policies and programs. The Evaluation Office is fully independent in terms of management authority of the International Monetary Fund. The daily tasks of the IEO include improve the learning culture within the organization, develop external finance credibility, and assist institutional governance.

Capacity Development

This section of the IMF org chart mainly offers support to capacity development based on a team of around 150 staff from worldwide locations. More specifically, the sub-division focuses on economic research and development, the global economic analysis and forecasts, the establishment of world banking system framework, and some other related financial issues.

Besides, the Capacity Development team provides professional knowledge and collective experiences for member countries regarding fund and financing policies and related best solutions. Such assistance may be carried out in the form of hands-on advice, training programs, and group discussions.

How Could I Create the IMF Org Chart?

The overall process is easy even if you don’t have prior design experiences or skills. Simply click this org chart creator guide for more info. and tips! Or simple go for this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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