Get to Know the International Organization for Migration – IOM Org Chart

Get to Know the International Organization for Migration – IOM Org Chart

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is a world-leading organization for migration issues. It is part of the UN organization with nearly 170 member countries. There are several dominant duties of the institution: humane management of migration, international migration cooperations, migration research, the development of migration guidance and policies, the health management of refugees and displaced people programs and so on. Feel free to know more about the International Organization for Migration by hitting on the below IOM org chart.

IOM Org Chart


Look Inside the International Organization for Migration

The IOM org chart has a series of regional and country offices and a number of functional departments that supporting the Director General Office.

Office of the Director General

This Office mainly handles with the formulation of related migration policies and some other programs in order to strengthen strategic priorities. The Office also offers advisory assistance to the overall IOM.

Regional Offices

These offices of the International Organization for Migration communication, plan and assist in any kinds of migration activities, such as project development programs, based on specific regions. Some other duties of these divisions include undertaking project review as well as offering technical support.

Country Offices

IOM also has an international framework of country offices for a wide range of programs. Key aims of these offices are to research global migration topics and practical solutions. Normally, all of these offices are divided into two categories according to their functions: Resources Mobilization Functions and Coordinating Functions. For the former ones, the key tasks are:

  • Maintain effective fundraising process for worldwide events.
  • Assist the improvement of funding policies and strategies.

For the Coordinating Functions of the Country Offices of the International Organization for Migration, their significant duties are:

  • Deal with specific migration dynamic practices.
  • Assist in addressing specific subregional migration issues.
  • Promote IOM membership in specific subregions.
  • Set up priorities for resources mobilization.
  • Stimulate and lead project development for regional locations.

How to Draw an International Organization for Migration Org Chart?

The overall process is as easy as just using the auto-create functions and built-in org chart resources as introduced in this org chart creator guide. Or you can check out this easy org chart creator for your business teams.

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