IT Org Chart Templates: Essential Parts to Check

IT Org Chart Templates: Essential Parts to Check

IT Org Chart: What It Is About

If you are the owner of an information technology company, you may wonder how to quickly create an overall organizational structure for your team. Such org chart is quite useful to divide tasks, specify the job of individual department and assign project leaders. Effective IT org chart will significantly increase work productivity. Normally you need some important tricks to create your own IT org chart, and here you can see details about how to achieve this.

Basically, an typical IT org chart can be segmented into the following divisions: administration level; network team; information security team and operations support team.

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Administration Level

This part normally refers to the executives including chief executive officer (CEO), chief information officer (CIO) and executive assistants. CIO usually represents for information technology directors or groups of digital information officers (CDIO). These are kind of positions generally in charge of the organizational IT system.

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Network Team

This is one of the crucial parts of an IT organization. A typical network department includes wireless engineers, system engineers, telecom professionals and LAN engineers. Network teams in an IT company contributes to the overall well-operated wireless system for employees and the company owner.

Information Security Team

Such role is common in terms of an IT org chart. It is usually formed by chief officer, security manager, security engineer and data analysts. Basically data security is vital to the continuation of organizational resource development. A good information security system would assist the whole company to the correct pathway for product cycle.

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Operations Support Team

This division is something like the backup team for the overall IT organization. The support team should covers a series of members like consumer data or behavior analysts, technical professionals and help desk assistants. Normally the larger the scale of an IT firm, the higher the number of the total employees in the operation support team. Furthermore, for those firms with multiple product lines for different software or applications, a number of sub-operation groups may be generated.


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