ITLOS Org Chart: Know More about the International Sea Law Tribunal

ITLOS Org Chart: Know More about the International Sea Law Tribunal

The ITLOS org chart refers to the organizational structure of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. It is an independent legal organization set up by the UN. The key aim of the ITLOS is to handle disputes regarding international regulations of the sea areas. Feel free to check out more details in the following ITLOS org chart.


Important ITLOS Org Positions & Organ

The Registry

This organ plays the administrative, financial and legal role of the Tribunal, and usually deals with diplomatic issues and build a good relationship between member countries. Furthermore, the Registry includes a series of sub-departments with different positions, such as Finance Assistant, Building Coordinator, Senior Security Officer, Associate Press Officer, Library Assistant, Translator and more.

Members of the Judges

You can see nearly 20 judges member countries in the ITOLS org chart from different continents: Africa, Asia, EU, North America and so on. The member countries of the Tribunal is selected based on an equitable geographical distribution of the world, personal competence, and experience in the field of the legal policies of the sea.


This role of the ITLOS org leads the overall Tribunal on the right pathway. The President has a Degree in Law from the Columbia University and the University of Cambridge. He also once worked as a Doctoral Scholarship Fellow, the Professors of some international foreign affairs institutions, and the Legal Adviser to many international seabed authorities etc.


The Vice-President of the ITLOS org also got a Degree in Law from some noticeable academic institutions like the University of Oxford. He was an Associate Professor and a Founding Professor from the University of Malta, a Visiting Professor of the University of Rome, a Visiting Senior Researcher of the University of Oxford, and a Scholar of the Yale Law School.

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