The Function of Matrix Org Chart: Top Hidden Key Points

The Function of Matrix Org Chart: Top Hidden Key Points

Matrix org chart is a type of organizational structure combined functional framework with projected one. In accordance with the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the level of authority project managers can own determines the strength of the matrix organization, to some extent.

Matrix Organizational Chart

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Or, you can see a hierarchical type as below:

The Function of Matrix Org Chart

If the strong matrix org chart is adopted by a company, project managers are empowered to have full control of the project in the whole project life-span. They are entitled to direct and supervise the entire team to get the project done on time.

While in a weak matrix org chart,  project managers have pretty limited authority. They are not in a position to command the team members to do any task. We would like to consider project managers in this case as project coordinators and the relation between the project team and manager is not leadership but collaboration.

Matrix org chart is a key diagram for the human resource department. In this organizational structure, a number of people stay on the same level of management but work on different projects. It is very helpful for staff management compared with other types of org chart like the horizontal org chart, hierarchic org chart, and functional org chart. Matrix org chart makes it possible that everyone skilled can be matched with the right project to achieve both individual progress and enterprise development.

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