MDA Org Chart: See What the U.S. Missile Defense Agency Can Do

MDA Org Chart: See What the U.S. Missile Defense Agency Can Do

The MDA org chart refers to the Missile Defense Agency of the American government. It is part of the Department of Defense (DoD). MDA is mainly responsible for the development of several ballistic missile defenses (BMD) systems. Besides, MDA continues to support basic research in physics, advanced materials, and many other sciences and engineering topics. Feel free to click on the MDA org chart below for more info.

mda org chart

Key Points Behind the MDA Org Chart

The Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS)

The system, which included in the MDA org chart, is designed and established to destroy missiles and their warheads before they can reach their goals. Currently, BMDS has three main architectures:

  • Network Sensors and radars for ground, seas, and space to target and track objects;
  • Interceptor missiles for destroying ballistic missiles by different methods;
  • Network for internal control and communications to assist operational commanders.

Supporting Efforts of the BMDS

The four dominant supporting activities assist BMDS to handle with many complex elements in order to better face threats.

  • Advanced Technology: This part develops significant components to face ballistic missile threat.
  • Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center: The Center is for research and development, test and evaluation, and operational training for BMDS.
  • Targets and Countermeasures: This section manages and develops any reliable and cost-effective ballistic missile solutions for BMDS assessment programs.
  • TestingThe test part offers important data for the analysis of the development of BMDS. Such data may cover the categories from advanced modeling to simulation activities for defense equipment.

International Cooperation

So far, MDA has cooperated with a large number of foreign countries across different continents from Europe to Asia. Some of the EU partners of MDA include the Czech Republic for Universities research programs; Denmark for the development of Warning Radar; Poland for the improvement of Aegis Ashore; Spain for capable ships and the UK for R&D projects etc. For Asia countries, Australia and Japan are included.

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