NSA Org Chart: Detailed Structure of the National Security Agency

NSA Org Chart: Detailed Structure of the National Security Agency

The NSA org chart shows the overall organizational structure for the National Security Agency of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). NSA is controlled by the Director of National Intelligence. The main duties of NSA are to manage global monitoring and processing of information for overseas intelligence uses. Currently, the most significant study issue of NSA is signals intelligence (SIGINT). Furthermore, in reality, NSA often cooperates with many other network and information agencies in the U.S.A for security missions. Feel free to click the NSA org chart below for more details.

nsa org chart

NSA Org Chart Key Directorates

Apart from the Chief and Director Office, NSA has five dominant Directorates as the following:

  • Operations Directorate: It is responsible for managing SIGINT programs.
  • Technology and Systems Directorate: This part improves new technologies for SIGINT programs.
  • Information Systems Security Directorate: It is for the communications and information security issues of NSA.
  • Plans, Policy and Programs Directorate: It mainly offers support for staff and plays the leadership role in NSA.
  • Support Services Directorate: This Directorate provides support mainly for logistical and administrative events.

Key Watch Centers behind the NSA Org Chart

NSA also has two important Watch Centers as shown below:

  • National Security Operations Center (NSOC): This Center runs current operations especially for time-sensitive SIGINT issues.
  • NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center (NTOC): This part acts as the primary partner for the American Department of Homeland Security(DHS). NTOC strengthen the public’s awareness to alert and forecast national security activities. Moreover, the Center reports and checks daily incidents in order to improve the coordination of the national computer network operation.

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