Why Use Org Chart? – Top 10 Benefits for Using Org Charts

Why Use Org Chart? – Top 10 Benefits for Using Org Charts

An organizational chart is an important part of an organization, as it’s the guidance of employee hierarchy relations. However, some small businesses choose to omit this step as their employee relationships are clear to see. This seems not wise. Why small businesses also need org charts? An org chart means much more than just outlining the reporting relationships of the staffs. It has many potential benefits on managing human resources issues. Now let’s talk about some key benefits of organizational charts:

  • An org chart shows the internal structure and hierarchies of an organization visually.
  • From an org chart, an employee will know who to report and who to contact when a problem occurs.
  • Org chart helps employees to clarify their roles and responsibilities so as to improve employee performance.
  • Org chart can help new employees quickly learn about the company and their own position.
  • Modern org chart can also be used as an effective tool to manage employee information by saving employee data in the chart.
  • It helps prevent the overlapping or duplication of work.
  • It helps clearly identify works and tasks, so as to prevent the overlapping or duplication of work.
  • Org chart can effectively help managers manage the workload. With an org chart, it’s clear to see how many employees are under a certain department, or how many units a manager need to take charge of.
  • It helps make decisions fast. Based on clear visualization of the organization structure, you will have a clear view of how each department has done the job, and what’s the future direction.
  • with an org chart, it’s easy to see the promotion channels and promote the optimum allocation of staff.

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Draw Your Own Org Charts!

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