Org Chart of Social Service Organization

Org Chart of Social Service Organization

An organizational chart is the most common graphical depiction of the roles and structure within an organization. This article will show you benefits and tutorial about the org chart of the social service organization.

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Benefits of Using An Org Chart of Social Service Organization

  • It outlines the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between individuals within the social service organization.
  • Establishing an organizational chart that allows a business to perform effectively.
  • A proper organizational structure makes a social service organization run smoothly.

Following are some simple steps to create a social service organization org chart.

Tutorial on How to Create Org Chart for Social Service Organization

With this Org Chart Creator, an org chart of social service organization could be made easily and quickly.

One: open a social service organizational chart drawing page

Go to File menu > New > Organizational Chart, and then double-click the icon of Organization Chart to pen a blank drawing page.

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Two: add social service organizational chart structure shapes

Drag and drop the shape from the left library to the drawing page and then click the floating action buttons to add colleague and subordinate shapes.

add org chart shapes

Three: add structure contents for social service organization

Double click a shape to type in text. -> Press Ctrl + 2 to add more text boxes. Press Ctrl + shift + 2 to adjust text box.Choose a different font under Home tab. Customize the size, color, and alignment by clicking the relevant menus.

add organizational chart contents

Four: save or export completed social service organization org chart

Click Save on File tab to save the organizational chart as the default format .eddx. Or choose Save as on File tab to save as other formats. Save in local files or save in your Cloud is up to yourself.

save org chart

More Organizational Chart Examples

This Org Chart Software is not only for drawing social service org chart, but also for drawing municipal government structure, marketing org chart, city org chart, company org chart, etc. Here are some examples for your reference.

Example One: Marketing Org Chart

marketing org chart

Example Two: Software Company Org Chart

software company org chart

Example Three: Graduate School Org Chart

graduate school org chart

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