Org Charts for Easier HR Management

Org Charts for Easier HR Management

Besides illustrating the workforce, org charts can be applied by HR managers to handle some other basic work more easily. See how they help below.

Specify Work Responsibilities

In addition to the basic information, org charts can be used to illustrate more details about staff such as work responsibilities. When duties responsibilities are clearly delineated, they can be fulfilled more efficiently. If a certain process goes wrong, the person in charge can be found out at once to seek for remedies.

Visualize Work Relationship

With the reporting relation clearly shown, the working relationship can be understood at a glance. For example, in a project, one should figure out whom to partner with, whom to report to and who can offer help.

Org Charts for Easier HR Management

Establish Hierarchical Structure or Decision-making and Power

The hierarchical relationship between different people is visualized clearly in org charts. To think out of the box, org charts are not relevant to only the lower rung of management (Executives and Staff Officers) but also to middle or higher management (Managers, GMs, CEOs and CEOs). In regard to the sharing of power, the org charts can offer transparency which can reduce misunderstanding and friction.

Serve as an Information Gate

No matter what is your title, you need to interact with others from time to time at work. Especially when you are a new member, org charts offer you useful information that can help you get on track as soon as possible. For instance, from the org chart, you may be able to find out who you request stationery from, whose approval you need when asking for leave, where each department is located and so on.

Org Chart Examples

Here are some awesome org chart examples that created by our amazing org chart software.

org chart example six

vertical org chart

horizontal org chart

More Templates

How Could I Make My Own Org Charts?

Just check this Org chart creator how-to article for more info. Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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