What is an Organogram -Definition & Purpose

What is an Organogram -Definition & Purpose

Definition of the Organogram

Organogram is an intuitive reflection of organization structure, one of the most common diagrams to illustrate the relationships among departments, superiors, and subordinates vividly and briefly. It is defined as a top-bottom, with icon list, architecture diagram which can automatically increase the vertical level. Organogram shows the correlation among organizational unit in the form of graphics and it provides great convenience for people to view detailed information on organizational units as well as the associated position and personnel.


Purposes of Creating an Organogram

  • Displays function division.
  • Allows people to know whether right and responsibility are set properly or not.
  • Tell if someone is under the overweight workload.
  • Assist people in finding if there is someone undertaking relevant work and staying idle.
  • Help managers to identify if some talented workers haven’t been able to draw out the best in themselves.
  • Help managers to notice if some unqualified person holds an important position.

Software for Making Organograms

Edraw Max

org chart software interface



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