Easy Recruitment Organizational Chart for Your Business

Easy Recruitment Organizational Chart for Your Business

Recruitment is usually the first step in joining an organization. Do you know what are the key steps to undertake a recruitment process? Why we need internal recruitment? Are there any easy ways for me to create recruitment organizational chart? In today’s article, we will find out all these questions!

What is Recruitment in Human Resources?

Recruitment is a human resource management process that involves attracting, shortlisting, analyzing, screening, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for both permanent and temporary jobs. Besides human resources managers, commercial recruitment agencies may also be involved in carrying out a recruitment process. Here is a template of recruitment organizational chart:

recruitment organizational chart template

Normal Recruitment Process

Usually, a typical recruitment process should include the following general steps:

  • Analysis of the Job – This is to document the details, skills, and some other characteristics required for a job.
  • Sourcing – This step can be done based on recruitment advertising via different kinds of public online or offline media, employee referrals, and agencies of employment. The main purpose is to identify candidates to fill job vacancies. Moreover, employee referrals can bring considerable benefits to an organization, which include improving candidate quality, reduce the high cost of external agencies and more.
  • Screening and Selection – In this step, employees may be required to undertake video screening, psychological and physical tests. All test results will be sorted and analyzed by professional tools. Finally, employers choose the best employees based on organizational culture, soft skills, working experience and so on.

Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment is the process of a candidate being selected from the existing workforce to do a new job in the same organization. These maybe promotions, or some other kinds of organizational needs. For example, an international enterprise may prefer internal recruitment based on the trust between employees and employers.

How to Create a Recruitment Organizational Chart?

Simply try this free download easy org charting creator, then go to Views Options>Vacant Positions at the right-hand side panel. Now, you can fill in the number of vacant employees in each of the department.

create a recruitment organizational chart


Now, we have discussed the basic concept and the normal process of recruitment. We also explored a convenient way for you to create your own recruitment organizational chart by software. Have a try right now!

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