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Span of Control Organizational Chart – An Easy Guide

The span of control is commonly used in business management, particularly human resources management. It refers to the number of subordinates a supervisor has. Check out this article for more details based on a span of control organizational chart.

What is Span of Control?

It is the number of subordinates that a manager or supervisor can directly control according to the different types of work. The addition of new hierarchical layers makes the organizational structure steeper. Normally, a large Span of Control leads to a flatter organizational structure. A small span of control creates a steeper organizational structure.

span of control organizational chart example

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Easy Recruitment Organizational Chart for Your Business

Recruitment is usually the first step in joining an organization. Do you know what are the key steps to undertake a recruitment process? Why we need internal recruitment? Are there any easy ways for me to create recruitment organizational chart? In today’s article, we will find out all these questions!

What is Recruitment in Human Resources?

Recruitment is a human resource management process that involves attracting, shortlisting, analyzing, screening, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for both permanent and temporary jobs. Besides human resources managers, commercial recruitment agencies may also be involved in carrying out a recruitment process. Here is a template of recruitment organizational chart:

recruitment organizational chart template

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Fair Labor Standards Act Organizational Chart Guide

The human resources management field not only include training, recruitment, performance and pay but also covers important legal issues. In today’s article, we will talk about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) organizational chart with an example.

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

It is a United States federal law published by Congress in 1938 and it covers five parts: minimum wage, overtime pay eligibility, recordkeeping, and child labor. The Fair Labor Standards Act influence both full-time and part-time workers in profit and non-profit organizations. According to the Act, all overtime-eligible employees MUST be paid with overtime compensation for all hours worked more than 40 in a single week. Here is an example of the Fair Labor Standards Act org chart:

fair labor standards act org chart

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Contract Management for Human Resources – A Quick Guide with an Org Chart

If you are new to the HR department of your organization, you will definitely need to handle lots of employees’ contracts. Now, let’s find out the key advantages of contract management for human resources and how to manage your employees’ contracts.

What is HR Contract Management?

Generally, human resources contract management is the process of operational contract management within an organization. It is similar to the concept of sales or procurement contracts, and it also shows the business relationship between employees and organizations with certain terms and conditions. Managers should consider human resources contract management based on a critical and strategic point of view. Here is an example of the contract management organizational chart. You can see the contract start and end dates on it.

contract management hr organizational chart

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Employee Performance Evaluation Organizational Chart – An Easy Guide

Employee performance evaluation is crucial to an organization. Learn more about such an evaluation process by referring to this easy guide. Let’s start now.

What is Employee Performance Evaluation?

Normally, the employee performance evaluation is the process of setting specific performance expectations for each employee as well as offering informal and formal feedback about employee performance related to those pre-set goals.

What are the Key Uses of Employee Performance Evaluation?

So far, many worldwide organizations from startups to international enterprise have integrated employee performance evaluation systems to support organizational training and career development, pay, promotions, and reductions-in-force, etc.

employee performance evaluation organizational chart

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Title Organizational Chart Template: Different Sectors for Your Needs

The title organizational chart template is probably the most common presentation of an organizational chart because you can only find employee titles in your team. Today, we will check out together some of the popular title organizational charts with templates. Feel free to click on any of them to enlarge. Let’s start now.

Logistics Company Title Organizational Chart Template

This template shows the general organizational structure of a logistics company. You can clearly see the three key supply chains with both domestic and overseas channels. Also, each of the coordinators has two assistants to help the project.

Logistics Company Title Organizational Chart Template

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HR Details Organizational Chart – What is It and How to Create?

As a human resources manager, you have to face lots of employee personal data every day. The traditional organizational chart with only employee names and titles seem to be way too simple for a large-scale organization. So what should you do now? Just try the HR details organizational chart for your team right now!

HR Details Organizational Chart – What Is It?

A HR details organizational chart includes all you need for an employee: names, titles, gender, departments, locations, hire dates, employee ID and more. Below is an example of the HR details organizational chart (click on it to enlarge):

HR details organizational chart

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Hire Date Organizational Chart – a How-to Guide

If you are a human resources manager, what would you do to deal with lots of employee data (personal details and hire date, etc.)? Today, we gonna show you how to use the hire date organizational chart to better manage your team.

Hire Date Organizational Chart – What Is It?

Compared to the traditional type, hire date organizational chart include both the name, the role and the hire date of an individual employee. Therefore, human resources managers can easily record and track the tenure of the company’s personnel. Here is an example of the hire date organizational chart (click on it to enlarge):

Hire Date Organizational Chart

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Salary Organizational Chart – All You Need to Know

A salary organizational chart displays the income of the personnel of an organization. Such organizational charts can help to facilitate the decision-making process for better human resources management. For instance, below is a salary organizational chart example for a startup (click it to enlarge). In this article, we will explain the advantages and basic drawing method of salary organization charts.

salary organizational chart example

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Must-have Technology Company Organizational Chart Templates

Technology companies normally have their specific core competitiveness for the fierce global market. Moreover, types of technology companies can be subdivided into many categories according to the industry, such as electronic information, new energy, new materials, bioengineering, mobile application and more. All of these types may involve unique organizational structures. In this article, we will discuss five typical technology companies with generic organizational chart templates.

App Technology Company Organizational Chart Template

With the popularity of smartphones, an increasing number of traditional PC-based internet companies are transforming into the mobile application industry. The organizational structure of an app company usually sets around its product from product design to promotion and sales. Product managers also set up departments in different production cycles to enhance the cohesion. The following is an app company organizational chart template.

App Technology Company Organizational Chart Template

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