UNCDF Org Chart: Take a Close Look at the UN Capital Development Fund

UNCDF Org Chart: Take a Close Look at the UN Capital Development Fund

The UNCDF org chart shows the overall organizational framework of the United Nations Capital Development Fund. The organization was established as a voluntary UN department affiliated with UNDP. The main purpose of UNCDF is to manage both private and public types of financial assets and programs for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). So far, the organization has supported many developing nations improving domestic economy. Feel free to see more insights of the Fund based on the following org chart.

UNCDF Org Chart

Significant UNCDF Org Positions

The Executive Secretary

The Executive has rich experience in private sector management field. She once worked as a professional consultant regarding business strategies in the banking industry, a support officer in personnel management, and a program leader in small and middle-sized business finance development.

Deputy Executive Secretary

The Deputy Executive mainly assists the Executive in offering advice and capital-related management solutions to ensure the best operation practice of the overall UNCDF. Prior to joining the Fund, he has worked for the UNDP and UNOPS for many years as a Country Director and a Programme Advisor. The Deputy Executive got his degree from Columbia University, and he can speak five languages fluently.

Director of the Local Development Finance

This Director of the UNCDF org has working experience in the field of housing, human resource management, consulting, policy-making and capital development issues. His main duty is to support financing activities of local governments of the world’s least developed countries with special focus on fiscal decentralization, private sector investments and municipal finance.

The Head of Evaluation

The Evaluation Leader has nearly twenty years’ working experience in international organizations for policy development and project evaluation. For example, he worked as a senior consultant for analyzing different types of evaluation approaches of donor-funded projects. Besides, he also did some academic research about the measurement of international development. During his term of office of the UNCDF, he responsible for managing external evaluations programs based on the UN norms and standards, and supporting the Fund to develop more evaluation and measurement methods.

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