UNDP Organization Chart: Learn about the Development Programme

UNDP Organization Chart: Learn about the Development Programme

The UNDP organization chart shows the overall structure of the United Nations Development Programme, which is part of the United Nations (UN). So far the programme works in more than 170 countries and worldwide locations. The main aim of UNDP is to achieve the eradication of global poverty and reduce inequalities. What’s more, the organization assists member countries to make development policies, improve democratic governance and disaster resilience. Feel free to check out more insights from the UNDP organization as below.

undp organization chart

UNDP Organization Significant Functions

The programme has some key duties and functions including the following aspects:

Reducing Poverty

UNDP assists member nations to set domestic strategies, such as increasing employment opportunities, to combat poverty. Meanwhile, the organization operates at the macro level to speed up international trade, encourage foreign investments and build effective communications between states and non-profit organizations. Besides, the UNDP International Policy Centre has helped many developing countries to carry out social projects.

Democratic Governance

UNDP organization also supports national democratic activities by offering technical support to inform the latest news to the public; increasing dialogue and dealing with national governance programmes.

Environment Issues

UNDP organization also looks for best solutions to environmental problems in order to develop a sustainable system. Sometimes, UNDP may also cooperates with domestic federal agencies for environmentally sensitive programmes in different fields, like clear water supply, land management, and degradation, energy services, pollution management and so on. Moreover, the United Nations Development Programme established some official plans to implement environmental issues, like biodiversity finance management and more.

Crisis Prevention

One more key duties of the UNDP organization is to reduce the risk of natural disasters and prevent the crisis in the form of resources assessment, city layout planning, and capacity development etc. So far, UNDP has worked on a wide range of crisis prevention issues including ex-combatants demobilization, the reintegration of displaced people, and the restoration of fundamental services and public facilities.

How to Create an UNDP Organization Chart?

Just try this easy Visio alternative org chart creator for more insights. Or you can use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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