UNFPA Org Chart: What Is the United Nations Population Fund

UNFPA Org Chart: What Is the United Nations Population Fund

The UNFPA org chart shows the overall organizational structure of the United Nations Population Fund. It is a sub-department of the United Nations (UN). The organization aims to deliver a good environment for pregnancy, childbirth, and young generations. So far, the organization has in total 36 regional groups cover different continents.

unfpa org chart

UNFPA Key Divisions

The Executive Board

The Board mainly offers intergovernmental assistants to some other United Nations sub-departments and the whole UNFPA. Moreover, each member country has a representative who serves on a rotating basis.

The Office of Audit and Investigation Services (OAIS)

The Office manages the internal audit and investigation based on a series of strategies and sub-topics such as independent and objective assurance. Some other related work duties of the Office include building a systematic framework to analyze and enhance the effectiveness of governance. For daily issues, the Office leader cooperates closely with the Executive Board of UNFPA.

Other Significant Work Duties

Apart from the Executive Board and OAIS, the sub-departments of UNFPA also have the following important responsibilities: build effective access to help women; provide training scheme for health workers to assist childbirths; prevent gender-based violence and teen pregnancies; end child marriage; analyze data for policy-making and delivery of life-saving resources to natural disaster survivors.

How Does UNFPA Operate?

Currently, the organization has undertaken programs in over 150 nations with partners who work in civil societies, federal offices and agencies. Furthermore, the organization works according to the following aspects:

Human Right and Other Social Approach

UNFPA use a human rights-based way that entails individuals and governments to further empowers rights. What’s more, the organization also deeply study different cultural complexities of worldwide locations.

Cooperation and Partnerships

The organization also analyzes datasets of worldwide nations, mobilizes materials and cooperates with federal governments, parliamentarians, academic organizations and public forums. Besides, the organization regularly joins global meetings to discuss commitments and critical issues.

Where Does This UNFPA Org Chart Come From?

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