UNIDIR Org Chart: See the UN Disarmament Research Institute

UNIDIR Org Chart: See the UN Disarmament Research Institute

The UNIDIR org chart means the organizational structure of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research. The institute is a voluntarily funded organization of the United Nations (UN) with the main focus on providing solutions and suggestions on worldwide disarmament and security problems. The current headquarter of the organization is in Geneva. You can see more from the UNIDIR org chart below:

unidir org chart

Key Roles of the UNIDIR

The Director

This role has joined many international peace programmes and emergencies in developing countries, such as Afghanistan, and led a number of significant policy initiatives on security issues like crisis management and so on.

Chief of Research

This part of the UNIDIR manages a wide range of research subjects and topics including armed violence, humanitarian activities, war analysis, the use of weapons, autonomous technologies and more. The division also offers related policies to the operations offices of the UN.

Non-resident Senior Fellow

The main duties of the fellows here are to study international humanitarian law, the relationship between different international disarmament institutions, the risk of the nuclear weapon, and the nuclear disarmament negotiations etc.

Chief of Operations and Deputy

This Office, which is in charges of strategic planning and institutional management, can be considered as a supportive department to the Director of the UNIDIR. The leader of the Office has rich experience in information and telecommunications. Furthermore, some dominant research issues of the Office include AI, cyber analysis, disarmament education and other related advanced technologies parts.

Board of Trustees

So far, the Board of Trustees, who is picked by the UN Secretary-General, has in total 14 members from worldwide locations. All of these members have professional knowledge in global security, disarmament and arms control since some of them are ambassadors or professors from universities.

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