United Nations Habitat Org Chart: All You Need to Know

United Nations Habitat Org Chart: All You Need to Know

The United Nations Habitat (UN-Habitat) is one programme of the United Nations (UN). The habitat organization aims to build a socially and environmentally sustainable living place in worldwide locations. Feel free to see more details of the organization by clicking on the below org chart.

united nations habitat org chart

United Nations Habitat Org Chart

The Office of the Executive Director

It is the leading Office of the overall organization for effective policy-making and the implementation of strategies. The Office also manages human and financial resources for a long-term sustainable urban development. Some other duties include the support of communities or social partners.

The Project Office

This Office is in charge of the general coordination of the United Nations Habitat programs based on specific project management resources, cycles, and strategies.

The Office of Management

This part generally coordinates a wide range of managerial issues such as resource management, financial management, business administration, quality control and more. All of these services are mainly for regional offices. 

Urban Planning and Design

This branch of the United Nations Habitat organization assists federal governments and social communities to make related policies and find out sustainable solutions for the development of cities. More specific aspects include the optimizations of the economic density of urban residents and the management of land resources.

Urban Economy and Finance

This subdivision cooperates with domestic parties and institutions to improve services, assist career development, increase resources channels, build communications between the external markets and domestic areas, effectively manage the infrastructure cost and more. Besides, the branch welcomes any kinds of individual suggestions to help address important concerns.

The Office of External Relations 

This sub-department of the United Nations Habitat has a number of working units covering the Partnership and Inter-Agency Coordination team, the Outreach and Communications team etc. All of these units work together for better strategic communications. 

Where to Create an United Nations Habitat Org Chart?

Just quickly refer to this org chart creator guide for more. Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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