UNOPS Org Chart: See Inside the UN Project Services Office

UNOPS Org Chart: See Inside the UN Project Services Office

The UNOPS org chart shows the overall organizational framework of the United Nations Office for Project Services. The organization mainly focuses on global peace and security, humanitarian and sustainable development issues. Feel free to see more about the divisions in the below chart.

unops org chart

UNOPS Structure Insights

The organization has a number of key functional departments and a series of regional offices covering from New York City to Asian areas.

The Executive Office

The current Executive Officer Grete Faremo had rich experience in justice and public security in Norway. She also joined many private sector parties for various associations. The Deputy Executive Officer, who is also the Chief Operating Officer Vitaly Vanshelboim had professional working experience in some EU countries in the field of security, humanitarian and development programmes.

UNOPS Management & HQ Divisions

Currently, there are in total 11 managerial departments in the organization. Each of them has specific aim and purpose such as the following:

  • The Finance Group: This group mainly deals with topics about banking services, financial management, financial law and regulations, accounting services and so on.
  • The Partnerships Group: This section handles some leadership programmes such as performance management analysis, global marketing and business development etc.
  • The Shared Services Centre: This UNOPS department contractures on topics like operations and management, project management, and some other business management fields. The Centre also cooperates with other United Nations departments for carrying out projects in developing countries.
  • The Quality Monitoring Unit: The Unit offers professional management solutions and suggestions on technical and social subjects, for example, the sustainable financial investments.

Regional Offices for Portfolio Management

UNOPS regional offices are formed by several highly professional staffs who have a wide range of experiences in many international institutions, UN organizations, NGOs, local governments and more. For instance, the Africa Region Officer Mr. Dainhi used to be the Managing Director for West Africa Shell Oil Products; the Middle East Region Director Ms. Kaloti once worked for the UNDP and UNICEF.

What Tool Do I Need to Use for Creating An UNOPS Org Chart?

Just check out this org chart creator guide for more info. You can even create one without prior org chart design experience. Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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