UNRWA Org Chart: All U Need to Know about the UN Refugees Agency

UNRWA Org Chart: All U Need to Know about the UN Refugees Agency

UNRWA org chart refers to the institutional framework of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, which is part of the United Nations System. The agency is mainly funded by volunteers from other UN member countries. So far, the services fields of the agency cover from education to emergency assistance. You can see more details from the UNRWA org chart below:

UNRWA org chart

Significant Roles of UNRWA

Currently, the organization has more than 30,000 staff from worldwide developing countries. The Board of Directors Office includes the Chairman and the Commissioner-General. The Advisory Committee and the USA Staff Division are two separate divisions managed by the Director Office. The Commissioner-General contains the majority of UNRWA departments, such as the Relief & Social Services, the External Relations & Communications and more.

The Commission has several decades of history with the main aim to assist the Commissioner-General in undertaking programmes. What’s more, Members of the Commission meet regularly to deal with new challenges.

The Officer of this UNRWA department has rich experience in global peace issues, humanitarian topics and related legal regulations etc. He also worked for a number of business cooperations in some developed countries.

The General Leader, who also has many working experiences in the humanitarian field, was appointed by the Secretary Office of the UN. He works with other governmental agencies to monitor social changes and conflicts in some of the least developed countries, like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and more. He also led programmes about refugee issues in the Middle East to face the challenge of serious human rights crisis.

How to Generate a UNRWA Org CHART?

Simply go to this org chart creator guide for more templates and built-in symbols. Or you can use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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