UNSSC Org Chart: Essential Details of the UN Staff College

UNSSC Org Chart: Essential Details of the UN Staff College

The UNSSC org chart shows the organizational framework of the United Nations System Staff College. The key mission of the College is to build an effective and well-organized UN system with professional training and learning programmes. So far, the College has carried out a wide range of training courses include leadership development, functional competencies, technical knowledge and some other related topics. All of these programmes are held in different forms like distance-learning, seminars, and interviews etc. Check out more about the structure details from the below org chart:

unssc org chart

What Are the Dominant Roles of the UNSSC?

The organizational structure of the College is based on the following major learning and training areas: Leadership and Management, Change and Innovation, Peace and Security, and Sustainable Development. Besides, the organization has three main divisions: the Board of Governors, the UNSSC Management Team, and the group of international speakers.

Director of the Management Team

The current Director has rich experience in issues regarding the United Nations system in worldwide locations from Africa to Europe. He usually deals with topics like policy development, global education system, community development, human resource development, and international relations.

The Board of Governors

The Board is the leading body of the UNSSC that manages general programmes and financial issues. The key goal of the Board is to strengthen financial performance, monitor training activities and offers suggestions on further development. Currently, there are is in total 9 members who are selected by the Secretary-General, and many of them are in important positions of some other United Nations system sub-departments. For example, the Director Mr. Shambhu is also the Director-General of the World Health Organization WHO Office; the member Mr. Tegegnework also works as the Associate Administrator of the UNDP department.

Where to Draw an UNSSC Org Chart?

Feel free to learn more about the creations of different types from this org chart creator guide. Alternatively, try this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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