USDA Org Chart: United States Department of Agriculture

USDA Org Chart: United States Department of Agriculture

USDA Org Chart: What Is the Department About?

The full name of a USDA org chart is the United States Department of Agriculture. Daily tasks of USDA is to offer leadership on food, carrying out research on natural resources, strengthening rural development, and some other related issues. In the future, the department aims to improve economic growth as well as helping rural areas to sale agriculture products. What’s more, the general process for USDA to preserve natural resources include monitoring the overall environmental system. Here you can check an example of the USDA org chart.

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USDA Org Chart: Branches At a Glance

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

FSA now primarily works with the projects of farm conservation and laws in the U.S.A. For daily issues, the sub-department is monitored by the Agriculture for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services, as well as a number of politically appointed state leaders.

Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

The FAS in the USDA org chart deals with foreign affairs for the overseas programs of the USDA, which may include market development, global business, and partnerships, research, and analysis of agricultural data and so on. The sub-division also manages food aid projects in order to increase individual income level and food availability in developing countries. By carrying out a series of projects and policies, FAS offers lots of working opportunities to worldwide users.

Food and Nutrition Service (FNS)

The service division is in charge of administering America domestic nutrition projects, which mainly deal with hunger problems around the U.S.A. So far, FNS has a series of local offices from San Francisco to Boston and a number of field offices. Some of the biggest challenges of the sub-department is cutting the budget for oversize offices.

Wanna Check the Method of Creating a USDA Org Chart?

You may find this guide helpful: Org Chart Creator :) Alternatively, feel free to try this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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