World Food Programme WFP Org Chart: Facts U Can’t Miss

World Food Programme WFP Org Chart: Facts U Can’t Miss

The WFP org chart shows the overall organizational structure of the World Food Programme, which belongs to the United Nations (UN). The key aim of WFP is to fight against hunger in all member countries, support worldwide food development and production and cooperates with international and domestic agencies to improve nutrition. So far, the organization has helped over 80 million people in more than 80 countries and locations annually. Feel free to check out more details of the World Food Programme by clicking on the chart below:

world food programme wfp org chart

Org Chart Structure of the World Food Programme

The organization has one leading officer, which is the Executive Director, and five senior offices include the Chief of Staff and some Assistant Executive Directors. What’s more, there are several decades of sub-offices in the WFP org chart like Nutrition, Security, Global Cash Transfer and so on. The programme also covers a Regional Bureaux for worldwide locations.

World Food Programme Key Functions

There is a series of important functions and duties of the organization:

Worldwide Food Assistance

In recent years, the World Food Programme focuses on the study of complex long-term nutritional needs in order to find out the best solutions. More specially, WFP tries to explore the suitable resources in different types of international societies. Besides, some other aspects, like emergency interventions and short-term projects are also be considered.

Strengthening Country Capacity

The World Food Programme continuously assists member countries to achieve sustainable development goals. Therefore, countries should be able to carry out related regulations and policies to promote food security and nutrition quality. You may be wondering why people still need such actions even we are living in an environment with advanced technology. Actually, natural disasters may occur unexpectedly in many parts of the world.

Humanitarian Support

Humanitarian intervention maintains a cornerstone of international governance. The World Food Programme has helped many developing countries to improve their supply chain system and build emergency telecommunications framework. Due to the serious problems of tight funding, WFP cooperates closely with private sector partners and humanitarian operators to deliver safe food at lower cost.

How to Draw the World Food Programme WFP Org Chart?

Just have a look at this simple guide org chart creator for a quick start and more design resources and tips. Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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