World Health Organization Chart: How Many Divisons Do U Know?

World Health Organization Chart: How Many Divisons Do U Know?

The World Health Organization chart shows the great insights of the world leading health institution, which belongs to the United Nations. The key aim of WHO is to develop and maintain a good living condition for worldwide residents. So far, the organization has over 150 member countries. Feel free to check out the World Health Organization chart below.

world health organization org chart

Key Points behind the World Health Organization Chart

WHO has done a professional work in terms of internal and external governmental cooperations. For example, for some combat diseases like HIV and influenza, the organization has assisted children and low-income families to overcome treatment issues. You may refer to some other sub-divisions and roles as below:

WHO Director-General

This role is mainly about the management of the overall World Health Organization. The Chief Officer normally carries out actions and policies based on a global commitment to sustainable development. Some other important duties of the General Director involves providing more opportunities to solve the social, economic and political problems. For the long-term development, the Officer aims to efficiently lead the whole organization to a right pathway with good transparency.

Regional offices

The Wolrd Health Organization has a number of worldwide regional offices in Africa, Americas, Eastern Med, Europe, South East Asia and Western Pacific. All of these offices were established several decades ago. Furthermore, each of the regional offices has a specific Committee to discuss and offer useful solutions for current issues. Moreover, all of these regional officers and staff have close cooperations with each other for a better internal communication.

Some other significant roles of the regional offices cover the establishment of related health guidelines, the implementation of health policies, and supports the progress review board for more actions and programs.

Which Software was Used to Draw the World Health Organization Chart?

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