WTO Org Chart: Key Insights of the World Trade Organization

WTO Org Chart: Key Insights of the World Trade Organization

What Is the WTO Org Chart?

The WTO org chart refers to the organizational framework of the World Trade Organization, which belongs to the United Nations (UN). So far it is the only international institution handling with trade activities between countries. The main goals of WTO are to make sure smooth and free international trades process, set international trade regulations and agreements, and solve trade disputes. On the other hand, in some cases, the organization supports trade barriers to maintain public health or protect benefits of consumers. Feel free to hit on the WTO org chart below for more insights.

wto org chart

Important Divisions in the WTO Org Chart

The organization has three dominant sub-sections and a number of committees, working parties, working groups, negotiating groups, the General Council, and the Ministerial Conference. let’s check out some of them together.

The General Council

This department is the leading body of WTO. Member countries meet on a regular basis to discuss and solve important issues. Besides, the Council has the authority to carry out actions on behalf of the ministerial conference.

Committee on Budget, Finance, and Administration (CBFA)

This part of the WTO org chart works on the organizational budget and any financial statements and provides recommendations to the General Council. Meanwhile, the division follows the regulations of procedure of the General Council. Generally, CBFA welcomes all World Trade Organization member countries.

Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs)

This section of the WTO org chart includes a large number of plurilateral agreements. Every year WTO members discuss the influence of RTAs for a more open and smooth international trading system.

GATT and the Goods Council (GATT)

The GATT mainly deal with international trade in goods. Each member country sends out one representative to form a leading group so as to deal with the GATT agreements. Moreover, currently, the Council has in total 10 committees carrying out specific issues and programs, for example, in the fields of market access, subsidies, agriculture and more.

Wanna Create the WTO Org Chart?

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