Financial Department Org Chart

financial department sample

Above is an organizational chart for financial department with profile photos. Instead of manually drawing shapes, this org chart is created in a much easier method.

First, you select the best card shape from the pre-defined library and drag onto the canvas. You can choose one with or without photo based on your need. Second, you add more shapes by clicking on the action button that floating on the shape. The connector will be automatically added together with the shape.

As you finish adding shapes, choose a theme from the theme gallery; or you want to customize the colors, sizes and effects manually. After that, change the default text with your own and one click replace the photo. Finally, print or export your drawing. Many formats are available, including PDF, Word, PPT and more.

If you want to make an org chart more complicate than this one, you are recommended to created through importing a data file. No matter which method you take, Org Chart Creator can best save your time and make your work stand out.

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